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Women Mystics

I use the word ‘mystic’ to refer to anyone who engages with the spiritual and healing energies that we can’t see with our physical eyes. We all need mentors and guides on our spiritual journey that reflect our own personal experiences. Historically, these have been harder for women to find, and it’s in this spirit that I offer the following profiles of both contemporary and historical women healers, teachers, and seekers.

Interviews w/ Contemporary Women Healers, Teachers, and Energy Workers:

Deonesea La Fey: Movement, Sacred Dance, and Sensuality as Paths to Feminine Healing

2 – Part Interview with Cyndi Dale – ADHD, Autism, Energetic Boundaries and Soul Groups

Molly Boeder Harris – Healing Sexual Trauma Through Yoga and Other Methods

Rosie Good – Yoga for Women in All Phases of Life

Chantal Monte – Bali, Remembering, and Kundalini

‘Momma Zen’ Karen Maezen Miller

Jan Lundy: What is Women’s Spirituality?

Gangaji, Teacher, Author of Diamond in Your Pocket

Cyndi Dale – Intuitive and Chakra Energy Healer

Akemi Gaines, Akashic Record Reader

Historical Women Mystic Profiles:

Part of the spiritual process for any of us is looking to models for inspiration and guidance. Within traditional religious settings, it has often been harder for women to find these models. It is in that spirit that I occasionally profile historical women mystics from all different religious backgrounds.


Rabia Basri – Islamic Sufi Mystic

Umm ‘Abdallah – 9th Century Sufi Dreamer


Maiden of Ludmir – Jewish Hasidic Rebbe


Sun Buer – Taoist Immortal Sister and Poet


Mirabai – Hindu Devotee and Poet


The Desert Mothers: First Christian Women Ascetics

Joan of Arc – Warrior and Mystic

Margery Kempe – Medieval Christian Mother and Mystic

Clare of Assisi


Quan Am Thi Kinh – Vietnamese Buddhist Monastic

Sukhasiddhi – Tibetan Buddhist Dakini

Mugai Nyobai – First Woman to Head a Zen Order (BellaOnline Buddhism site)

Pajapati – Buddha’s Stepmother and First Buddhist Nun (Bellaonline Buddhism site)

Yeshe Tsogyal – Tibetan Princess and Buddhist Master (Bellaonline Buddhism site)

Machig Labdron – Founder of Chod (Bellaonline Buddhism site)

Jomo Memo – 13th Century Tibetan ‘Terton’ (Bellaonline Buddhism site)

Western Mysticism

Helena Blavatsky – Mother of New Age Thought

Quotes from Women Mystics of All Faiths


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