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Metaphysics and Mysticism

This page includes posts on topics that are normally considered ‘metaphysical’, as well as some that might be considered occult skills or mysticism. These words are often used interchangably, so here’s how I define them:

Mysticism is the search for truth directly, through experience rather than theory.

Metaphysics is theory on energy dynamics and the unseen principles that rule our world.

Occult skills are the application of these theories in some way, usually for healing, magick or psychic insight.


Are You a Mystic?

Spiritual Processing, Transits and Empowerments

Using Death as an Advisor

Four Paths to Freedom – What’s Your Root Path?

Poetry, Music, Art and the Mystic Experience

Nature Mysticism

Nature Energetics – Earth’s Portals and Gateways


Polarity vs. Spectrum – Or, There Are No Opposites

Mandalas, Mandalas, Mandalas

10 Things I’ve Learned (or Think) About 2012

Interview with Akemi Gaines: Akashic Records, Reincarnation, 2012 and More

Planet Earth’s Chakras

TRUTH – Quotes, Reflections, and Symbols

Occult Skills:

Winds of the Womb

Reading Omens, and My Moment with the Condors

7 Steps to Seeing

2nd Chakra Series – Intuition and Seeing

On Seeing, Wisdom, and the Value of Non-Attachment


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