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Parent/Child Spiritual and Religious Books

Below are spiritual and religious books for children, and/or books dealing with spiritual themes in parenting. I reference books a lot in my posts also, so you may want to check the Parenting page for any specific topic of interest.

Children’s Book Lists:

Spiritual Books For Young Children

Books for Introducing Young Children to World Religions

Meditation for Kids: Book, Articles and Other Resources

Buddhist Books for Kids and Teens (BellaOnline Buddhist site, series of three articles)

What I’m Reading, Watching and Listening To… (this is a meme post, but contains recommendations of a few children’s spiritual books.)

Parenting Themed Spirituality Books:

Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide to Parenting Beyond Belief

The Spirituality of Motherhood – Lessons from the REAL Masters

Tibetan Knowledge of Birth, PPD, Motherhood and Childcare

Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children (BellaOnline Buddhism site)

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