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I love books, and review them here, on the Buddhism site of, and on I of course never accept payment or compensation of any kind for reviews. Check the categories below, or check out my Amazon Store for more recommendations. If you would like to view all my Amazon reviews as they are posted, you can do so by subscribing to an RSS feed of them. (Note that if you find an Amazon review helpful, I really appreciate it if you click ‘Yes’ to indicate so at the end of the review – this impacts reviewer rankings.) Thanks so much and enjoy!

Book Lists:

Spiritual Books For Young Children

Books for Introducing Young Children to World Religions

Meditation for Kids: Book, Articles and Other Resources

Buddhist Books for Kids and Teens (BellaOnline Buddhist site, series of three articles)

Women’s Spirituality Booklist (this needs amending, and there are many more in my Amazon store, so you might want to also check there.)

Chakra Booklist

Women’s Energy and Subtle Body Teachings

Daily Spiritual Contemplation Books

Introduction to the World’s Spiritual Traditions

Book Lists and Reviews By Category

Parenting and Children’s Spiritual and Religious Books

Women’s Spiritual and Metaphysical Books

General Spiritual and Metaphysical Books

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