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Spirituality means different things to different people. Certainly, I consider everything on this blog to be spiritual! But for grouping purposes, I’ve placed posts here that don’t easily fit into any of the other categories.


Women’s Spirituality Posts

The Spirituality of Parenting and Parenting Spiritually

Metaphysics and Mysticism

Spiritual Books (Book Lists and Reviews)

Other General Spirituality Posts:

Maps for the Spiritual Journey

Navigating a Dark Night of the Soul

Are You a Mystic? 10 Signs You Are

The Spiritual Journey of Motherhood

When Thinking Positive Isn’t Helpful

Spiritual Transits, Processing and Empowerments

Working with Difficult Emotions

Spiritual Practice in the Kali Yuga: Working with Your Speeded Up Karma

On Seeing, Wisdom, and the Value of Non-Attachment

Spiritual Experience vs. Spiritual Realization (or What’s the Point Anyway?)

Gangaji – Thanks for the Tuning

Four Paths to Freedom – What’s Your Root Path?

Neuroplasticity and How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

What is Spiritual Practice?

True Gratitude

Form and Emptiness, Spirituality and Politics

Peace Day 2008: What Does It Mean to Live Peace?

Religion and Politics, Mysticism and Morality

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