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I practice and teach both chakra (energy center) and mindfulness meditation, and below you will find guided meditation mp3 files, as well as posts that you can use to begin a meditation practice. Be sure to check the Books page also for recommendations if you are interested in books to support your meditation practice (and of course if you are in the Los Angeles area, I’d love to meet you in person at one of my in-person classes!)

Introductions and Guided Meditations:

Introduction to the Chakras and Basic Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation Guided Walkthroughs (FREE MP3 FILES), including those posted at Meditate Like a Girl, where I am a regular columnist

Starting a Meditation Practice (this article is at BellaOnline, where I write about Buddhism)

Thinking vs. Sinking Mind in Meditation (also at BellaOnline, note that I have several other meditation articles available there)

Meditation for Children:

Meditation for Kids: Books, Articles and Other Resources

Chakra Meditation for Kids (w/ free mp3)

Chakra Meditation Series at Meditate Like a Girl (external site I am columnist with) – All Include FREE MP3s

Root Chakra Meditation – Healing and Empowering

Sacral Chakra Meditation – Gateway To Passion

Third Chakra Meditation – Owning Your Power

Heart Chakra Meditation – Opening to the World

Throat Chakra Meditation – Finding Your Voice

Third Eye Meditation – Empowering Your Wisdom and Intuition

Crown Chakra Meditation – Let Go Into Your True Essence

Connection and Expansion – Meditating with a 12 Chakra System

Eighth Chakra Meditation – Beyond Time and Space

Ninth Chakra Meditation – Symbols and Soul Plans

Tenth Chakra Meditation – Breathing with Earth

Eleventh Chakra Meditation – Exploring Mudras

Kundalini Series at Meditate Like a Girl:

Connecting with Your Kundalini

The Stages of Kundalini Shifts

Kundalini Rising in Women

Other Meditation Posts:

Anyone Can Meditate – Blogtalk Radio Interview (at Awakened Living)

Trauma Sensitive Meditation Guidance -podcast recorded for The Breathe Network, available free

Trauma Sensitive Meditation (Article at Meditate Like a Girl)

Meditation: How Often and How Long?

Spiritual Experience vs. Spiritual Realization (or What’s the Point Anyway?

Types of Meditation: Which One is Right For You?

You Should Meditate If…The Latest Meditation Research

Meditation within ALL the World’s Religions: Info and Resources

What is Spiritual Practice?

Poetry, Music, Art, and the Mystic Experience

Meditation – Intent, Intuition, and the Still Point In Between

Meditation for Busy Women Series:

Meditation for Busy Women Series, Part I – Shifting

Meditation for Busy Women Series, Part II – Symbols

Meditation for Busy Women Series, Part II – Love

Meditation for Busy Women Series, Part IV – Belief Not Required

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