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Third or Navel Chakra

This post is part of a series on the chakras. For details on the information provided for each chakra, be sure to read the Legend to this series.

Third or Navel Chakra


Focal Point: Just under the navel. Some traditions place the focal point in the solar plexus, but I prefer the navel as a focal point, although either way this chakra includes the entire solar plexus area.

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Life Aspects/Themes: Associated with our personal power, individual will, determination, ability to execute plans, organizational skills, and boundaries (both psychological and energetic.)

Physical/Health Correlations:

Body Systems/Organs: Digestive system

Gland(s): Pancreas

Foods: Whole grains, high-fiber foods, low-glycemic carbs, yellow/tan foods

Strengthening Activities: Any activity requiring will/determination; contact with sun.

Spiritual Practices/Correlations:

Yoga Asanas: Abdominal/core strengtheners, ‘solid’ standing postures like warrior sequences

Mantra: Ram (pronounced ‘Rum’)

Third Chakra Yantra

Yantra:  Upside down triangle, 10 petals

Intuitive Sympathy: Mental – experienced as thought-forms

Spiritual Gateway(s): Power, Philosophy, Energetic Structures, Religious Structures

Spiritual/Religious Paths: Martial Arts, Taoism, Judaism

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