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Seventh or Crown Chakra

This post is part of a series on the chakras. For details on the information provided for each chakra, be sure to read the Legend to this series.

Seventh or Crown Chakra


Focal Point: Back top of head

Color: Deep Purple, White or Gold

Element: Source itself, beyond elements

Life Aspects/Themes: Associated with mystic experience, enlightenment.

Physical/Health Correlations:

Body Systems/Organs: Upper skull and anterior brain lobe

Gland(s): Pineal

Foods: Pure foods of all types, sunlight, clean/pure air and water

Strengthening Activities: Meditation, prayer, any spiritual practice

Spiritual Practices/Correlations:

Yoga Asanas: Kundalini work/meditation

Mantra: Breath

Crown Chakra Yantra

Yantra:  Thousand-Petaled Lotus

Intuitive Sympathy: Spiritual

Spiritual Gateway(s): Energy/Light; Union

Spiritual/Religious Paths: Kundalini Yoga; Vayrayana Buddhism

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