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Fifth or Throat Chakra

This post is part of a series on the chakras. For details on the information provided for each chakra, be sure to read the Legend to this series.

Fifth or Throat Chakra


Focal Point: Neck, throat

Color: Blue

Element: In classical texts ‘ether’, which can be understood as energy or vibration

Life Aspects/Themes: Associated with self-expression, communication, authenticity, and integrity.

Physical/Health Correlations:

Body Systems/Organs: Mouth, ears, throat, vocal cords

Gland(s): Thyroid

Foods: Sea plants, soups, high-water fruits like melons, juices

Strengthening Activities: Singing; chanting; verbal and music creative activities

Spiritual Practices/Correlations:

Yoga Asanas: Neck openers, shoulder openers, head rolls

Mantra: Ham (pronounced ‘Hum’)

Fourth Chakra Yantra

Yantra:  Circle inside upside down triangle, 16 petals

Intuitive Sympathy: Verbal – clairaudience, ‘hearing’

Spiritual Gateway(s): Spirit communication; Prophecy; Symbolism

Spiritual/Religious Paths: Spiritualism; Prophecy; Kabbalah

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