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I teach and practice chakra meditation, and am fascinated with all chakra systems. I view these systems as more than simply healing or spiritual tools – they are also archetypes for understanding the unseen energies of our world, and how it functions. Below are some posts on these topics, but please also visit the Women’s Energetics page for chakra teachings specific to women.

Chakra Overview Series: Legend/Key, First or Root Chakra, Second or Sacral Chakra, Third or Navel Chakra, Fourth or Heart Chakra, Fifth or Throat Chakra, Sixth or Third Eye Chakra, Seventh or Crown Chakra

Chakra Booklist

Introduction to the Chakras and Basic Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation Guided Walkthroughs (FREE MP3 FILES)

Eating For Your Subtle Body

7 Energy-Based Weight Loss Tips

Chakras in Tibetan Buddhism (BellaOnline link)

2nd or Sacral Chakra Series:

Tantric Sexuality

Intuition and Seeing

Motherhood and Creating

Spirituality and Bliss

21 Ways to Care for Your Sacral Chakra

Chakra Levels Series

Introduction to Chakra Levels

First Level – Working with Our Senses

Second Level – Emotions and Psyche

Third Level – Doorways of Light

Chakra Meditation Series – All Include FREE MP3s –

(Note that these meditations will take you to my teaching/private practice site)

Root Chakra Meditation – Healing and Empowering

Sacral Chakra Meditation – Gateway To Passion

Third Chakra Meditation – Owning Your Power

Heart Chakra Meditation – Opening to the World

Throat Chakra Meditation – Finding Your Voice

Third Eye Meditation – Empowering Your Wisdom and Intuition

Crown Chakra Meditation – Let Go Into Your True Essence

Connection and Expansion – Meditating with a 12 Chakra System

Eighth Chakra Meditation – Beyond Time and Space

Ninth Chakra Meditation – Symbols and Soul Plans

Tenth Chakra Meditation – Breathing with Earth

Eleventh Chakra Meditation – Exploring Mudras

Twefth Chakra Meditation – YOU as a Chakra

Kundalini Series:

Connecting with Your Kundalini

The Stages of Kundalini Shifts

Kundalini Rising in Women

Other Chakra Related Posts:

The Body-Mind-Spirit Mandala or Seven Shades of Bliss

Planet Earth’s Chakras

Interview with Cyndi Dale – Chakra Expert

10 Characteristics of Women’s Energy Bodies

Chakra Immunity Boost for You and Your Kids

The Chakras and Sexual Trauma

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