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Upcoming Online Energy Work Intensives and Book Events

July 24, 2020

Making quality energy work more accessible both in terms of content and financially is a passion of mine, as I truly believe working with our own energy body is a birthright (and necessary as part of the global shifts that need to occur on a planetary level.) While I do distance healing and energy work in my private client sessions, most of my public work revolves around creating and sharing tools anyone can use in their daily lives to work with their energy body on their own. This is the essence of empowerment for me – not creating dependency on my own gifts, but helping you develop yours.

In that spirit I am experimenting with 3-hour online small group energy work intensives, and the first one is tomorrow! Offered at a price lower than private client energy work sessions, the idea behind these is to do some of the energy work and distance healing around particular topics that I do most often in private sessions in a small group setting, while also teaching and guiding tools you can do on your own to help you with each issue. In addition, I have one final free online book event for the summer coming up, sponsored by an independent bookstore in Fort Collins Colorado. And then finally, in the Fall I will be doing my 3 month intensive tied to Chakra Empowerment For Women. All sessions are recorded if you are not able to attend live (although live is always best in order to ask questions and make individual healing and work requests real-time.)

I hope you will consider joining me for one (or all!) of these. I’ll be back next week with a post on my favorite books from this summer so far (favorites related to the themes of this blog anyway.)

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