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Ring of Fire – Guided Feminine/Masculine Energy Work for Change

June 20, 2020

A ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse will occur June 21, the same weekend as 2020 summer solstice.

“MoonChild be free.
Free from the tides of being boxed.
Free from the norms of those who status quo.
Find your path and follow it to the moon.”
Malebo Sephodi

The Solstices are considered powerful transformational times in wisdom traditions around the world, and special meditations, rituals, and retreats are often performed in the weeks before and after. This weekend we not only have the Solstice, we have a new moon and rare Ring of Fire eclipse on Sunday, where a bit of the sun remains visible around the moon during the alignment, from those parts of the earth where it’s viewable. We’re also in the midst of a mass retrograde planet year, a profound calling to bring the hidden to light to facilitate change.

Whether you are into astrology or not, you probably don’t need to be convinced we are living through an unprecedented time. We are being challenged individually and collectively to dive deep, release the status quo, and change. I have often posted guided energy work sequences at Solstices to facilitate transition, and while I contemplated what to post this time, I felt that something connected more to the eclipse is the most useful, particularly because there is a ‘companion’ eclipse in two weeks, that in many ways is the end of a particular eclipse cycle, and the start of a new one.

An eclipse is an alignment of moon and sun from our perspective here on earth, and the moon and sun represent yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies. For change we need a balance of of these, and the awakening process in general – individual or collective – can be viewed as an integration of these energies into wholeness. Feminine energy is movement and change – a river raging through a valley to reshape it. Masculine energy is the structure of change – the direction, and the materials, and the valley itself. To change we need a balance of both – just change for the sake of it doesn’t necessarily lead to positive transformation. So when in a time of change we need both the feminine/yin energy of change (kundalini is one expression of this) and the masculine/yang energy of direction and structure.

We are all, of course, a balance of both, as is each chakra. But as many of you know, within the 7 chakra system I like to work with the odd-numbered as masculine and the even-numbered as feminine. Within this context, the masculine chakras provide the direction and structure for change – root (stable base), navel (will), throat (communication), crown (purpose.) The feminine chakras provide the movement and fluidity – sacral (inspiration), heart (heart!), third eye (vision). That’s a quick overview and obviously there is a lot more to it, but it’s enough to understand the following feminine/masculine pathway integration exercise.

If this resonates for you, I recommend doing this exercise daily over the next two weeks, while focusing on the changes you are trying to bring about, or in the case of collective change, the change you are contributing to. This video is part of a teaching I did earlier this year, so if you are already familiar with the teachings, you can just skip to the exercise guidance around the 4:50 time mark (and of course you can do the exercise without the video.)

If you’re looking for ways to work with your chakras to support change over the coming months, take a look at my current course schedule as I have recently posted events and classes through the end of the year, both free and paid (and as always, I offer sliding scale for those in need of it.)

Wishing you much power, insight, and self-care as we transit this transformative time.

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