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Chakra Immune Support and Anxiety Management

March 16, 2020

We are all seeking ways to adjust to this new reality right now, and I seriously considered whether I should add to the ‘noise’ with a blog post at all. But different tools work for different people, and so in that spirit I wanted to offer something for those of you who resonate with chakra work.

First is basic immune support. All of our chakras are involved in our overall immune response, as they are each linked into our glandular/endocrine system that supports our immune system. But focusing on flow and balance between the lower three chakras provides the base that we need to boost our entire immune system energetically. Our first/root provides grounding in the body and adrenal support, our second/sacral provides reparative and regenerative energy (think energetic stem cell energy), and our third/navel provides centering and supports healthy boundaries on all levels.

To gently activate and energize these three each day, simply focus on them in turn, one after the other in rotation, for a few seconds at a time. If you are more kinesthetic in nature, you can touch your tailbone, lower pelvis, and navel in succession. If you like to incorporate color visualize red at the root, orange/amber at the sacral, and yellow just below the navel. When you are done imagine all three lit up for a moment, and emanating light upward and throughout your entire physical and energy bodies.

A key aspect of supporting our immune response is managing our stress levels, because we know that stress hormones seriously undercut our immune response. On an energetic level this reflects as a frenetic energy that impedes flow and balance between the chakras, as well as disassociation from the lower chakras as we spin in our ‘heads’. So if you are feeling anxious, below are two older posts that may be useful. This first one includes a guided audio meditation (not as good of sound quality as I can currently create, so I suggest listening on a lower volume.)

Root-Heart Meditation for Managing Anxiety

The second includes stress responses as reflected through each chakra, along with affirmations for transforming these into an open, energized expression instead.

Chakra Affirmations for Transforming Anxiety

As empaths, you may also be struggling with the collective anxiety. A focus on clearing out through time spent in nature and in and around water may be particularly helpful. In addition, focus on energetic boundaries to help retrain your energy body ‘default.’ If you are reading Chakra Empowerment For Women, consider skipping to the Second Skin chapter, as that is a chakra activation you can work with even if you haven’t gotten there yet in the book, to help you retrain your boundary default.

Note that I am doing many podcast interviews right now as part of the book PR tour and in those airing this week many include discussions of how to deal with immunity and anxiety. Since many of the podcasters are themselves healers and intuitives, you will hear their approaches as well. I don’t always know when these are airing, so am posting them as I find out on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, so follow there if interested. Also if you are looking for other tools, sign up for emails from the Tara Mandala Retreat Center site, as Lama Tsultrim Allione offered a live Feeding Your Demons session for the emotions around the pandemic yesterday and the recording will be posted for all soon, as well as info on other relate offerings.

Of course, if you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, reach out for support. Especially if you are at high risk and/or have experienced trauma in your life, the collective anxiety can trigger deeper fears. If you need help with managing these, it’s important to prioritize that and reach out to a friend, counselor, or healer. And if you are in a position to reach out to others and offer support, please do. We are experiencing our connectivity in profound new ways right now, and offering support is needed and validating.

Wishing you wellness, peace, and much time with your loved ones – and yourself – during this time.


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