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Happy New Year! Book Giveaway Results and More…

January 3, 2014

photo(20)Happy 2014, and congratulations to the three winners of my New Years book giveaway – Jay won Awakening Shakti, Amanda won The Subtle Body Practice Manual, and Rose won Feeding Your Demons (see the official drawing results as displayed by my little helpers in the pic!) Thanks to all of you who shared your wishes, I loved reading them, and may they all come to fruition.

I will be back later this month with a post exploring the horse as symbol, tied to the Year of the Horse, which begins on January 31st in the Chinese calendar (the Tibetan New Year is quite a bit later this year, on March 2nd, but it will also be the Year of the Horse in that system.) In the meantime, I’ve started a new series on Connecting With Your Kundalini over at Meditate Like a Girl. Many people are experiencing kundalini shifts right now, and so it felt like a good time to share my own take on this, and to focus my monthly mp3 meditations at MLAG on kundalini management. I hope the article is useful to you, and I always welcome you sharing your experiences and  questions.

I’ve also updated my teaching calendar for 2014 (there were some errors in the last version.) I will be adding more courses as the year unfolds. For those interested in teleseminars, note that I will be offering my 4-week Energy Healing for Sexual Trauma course starting in February.

Lastly, while looking for a New Years poem to share here, I instead stumbled upon a beautiful translation of a teaching by Niguma, a 10th century Indian born teacher of what later became a major Tibetan Buddhist lineage. It is called simply ‘Mind’. While I am very focused on embodied practices lately, and so rarely simply talk in terms of ‘Mind’, these passages captured me. I feel they cut through delusion in a very straight-forward manner, without negating body or any experience. It feels perfect to me for connecting with spiritual practice in 2014. Read it slowly and I hope it will inspire you too!

by Niguma

You don’t have to do anything with your mind,
just let it naturally rest in it’s essential nature.
Your own mind, unagitated, is reality.
Meditate on this without distraction.

Know the Truth beyond all opposites.
Thoughts are like bubbles that form and dissolve in clear water.
Thoughts are not distinct from the absolute Reality,
so relax, there is no need to be critical.

Whatever arises, whatever occurs,
simply don’t cling to it, but immediately let it go.
What you see, hear, and touch are your own mind.
There is nothing but mind.

Mind transcends birth and death.
The essence of mind is pure Consciousness that never leaves reality,
even though it experiences the things of the senses.
In the equanimity of the Absolute, there is nothing to renounce or attain.

In Peace, Lisa

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  1. Annie Johnson permalink
    January 3, 2014 11:07 pm

    Thank you so much Lisa for such a beautiful Kundalini meditation. I used it this morning before my doctor’s appointment. At my last yearly physical,my doctor had mentioned that my blood pressure was high. I really would prefer not to have to take medicine to control it, so we opted to try “lifestyle changes”. Well, even though I do meditate on a fairly consistent basis, I must say that today’s meditation really resonated with me. That merging of the red and gold energy, and then the red and white, is so pleasing to me- I love it! And although I do not know if we could give all the credit to the meditation, my blood pressure today was in the normal range, which is the first time it has been in months! So thank you Lisa, for sharing your vast knowledge with us. You truly do impact lives in such a powerful way.

    Sat Nam Annie Johnson

    Sent from my iPad

  2. January 6, 2014 4:27 am

    That’s wonderful Annie…meditation does lower your blood pressure, as I’m sure you know, although it has to be the right type…I hope it did and does help! That particular kundalini meditation is a very soothing one, and bringing the energy down as well as up is best for that…

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