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May 11, 2012

Note: For 2012 Mother’s Day, I had hoped to offer a new recorded meditation here, one designed to aid with energetic balance – something most of us moms often feel we could use a little help with from time to time! As it happens, actual motherhood has prevented me from doing that this week, so I will work towards getting a new recording up next week. In the meantime, I wanted to offer up a post I did for motherhood 3 years ago (the reblog above), which quotes many of my favorite spiritual teachers and authors on motherhood – Gangaji, Karen Maezen Miller, Tsultrim Allione, and more. I hope you enjoy it! In response to this post at the time, a reader emailed me a link to information on the history of Mother’s Day. It was originally created as a day in celebration of peace by Julia Ward Howe (a link to more info on this is in the comments of the post.) So Peace! – Lisa

Mommy Mystic

With Mother’s Day coming up, at least in my part of the globe,  I thought I would combine 2 themes of this blog – the spirituality of motherhood and interfaith explorations. My plan was to compile a series of uplifting and soul-inspiring quotes about motherhood from history’s greatest spiritual leaders and teachers.

Except I couldn’t find many.

Oh sure, there were a few along the lines of  ‘love everyone like a mother loves her children’, but that was about it. Turns out that historically motherhood really has not been a hot topic of conversation among the world’s greatest spiritual leaders and teachers.

So, I moved on to Plan B. Plan B is to turn to the present, and yet another professed theme of this blog – books. Books, and their authors, have been my friends and spiritual guides my whole life. I love recommending them, and getting recommendations from others…

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  1. June 14, 2012 1:03 am

    Nice words Lisa. Being a mother these days is very hard as what people think it is. It would be a good idea to really appreciate our mothers and thank them because they are there for us no matter what.

  2. February 19, 2016 3:51 am

    even get started.

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