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FAQ for Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma E-book

November 16, 2011

Before moving on to new topics, I decided to post answers to the most common questions I have received regarding the Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Abuse and Trauma Ebook. Most of these were received by email. I know that due to the subject matter, many women are reluctant to pose questions in comment form on the post itself, but please feel free to do so anonymously. That way, your questions and the responses might benefit others – part of the trauma of sexual abuse is the silence that surrounds it. Sharing is a way of breaking that wall. That being said, I am always happy to receive questions by email at LaMeditation [at] earthlink [dot] net. I will add to this FAQ over time based on the questions I receive.

One general note I wanted to add is that I deliberately kept the E-book brief and focused on describing the exercises, rather than offering a lot of background or explanation. This is so there would be space for each person to personalize the process. It is designed for you to connect to it at whatever level, and in whatever way, feels best for you.

As always, thanks to all of you that have engaged in and shared this process. It is an honor to have contributed to your healing journey in this way.

1. How was the process developed?

I have been working with women’s energetics for the last 10 years – chakra mappings and energy exercises developed specifically for women based on spiritual and healing traditions, most particularly Tantric Buddhism and kundalini meditation. Over the years, many of the women who attended classes or emailed me had suffered some sort of sexual trauma – rape, incest, or other forms of sexual abuse. Others had been victims of intense sexual harassment at some point in their lives. Still others had not necessarily suffered explicit abuse or harassment that they could remember, but reported having extreme difficulty accessing their second chakra energy.

I began to realize that for many women, healing these wounds, and helping them connect to their sacral chakras, was essential to their spiritual journey, and so began researching and developing exercises specifically for that. The exercises in this process grew from there. However, this exact 10-day program was really empowered by a meditation experience I had earlier this year, involving Yeshe Tsogyal and Green Tara. I felt that they instructed me to formalize this particular set of exercises into this exact sequence, length, and format. I felt they actually guided me through the entire writing process, and when I had questions, that they helped me to resolve them. At the time I was also involved in an energy healing and intuitive development apprenticeship program, and the techniques I was learning in that program also influenced the process.

So overall, like much work of this type, it was a culmination of research and work over time, and divine inspiration/instruction.

2. I have no background in the chakras or energy work; can I engage in this process?

Absolutely, yes. The process is designed for anyone to benefit, and the exercises are all fully described. The audio files will help with this, although at the time of this writing they are a bit staticky – a problem that should be resolved soon (someone is helping me edit them, and if that doesn’t work, I will re-record them.)

Really this process is designed to trigger your own self-healing abilities. Follow along as best that you can, and the process will unfold for you as it should. Trust is a big part of this process, so trust yourself and your ability to engage in this. Don’t worry too much about how much you are ‘getting’ intellectually – our subtle bodies operate on another level from our mind. By focusing your intent to heal, you will benefit.

3. I have never meditated, and my mind wanders throughout each exercise – will I benefit?

Absolutely, yes. Even the minds of experienced meditators wander quite a bit! Perfect focus is not required. Just do your best, and relax. Trust that something larger is unfolding within you, and be proud that you have triggered it within yourself.

4. I am Christian [or I am Jewish or I am Pagan or I am Atheist – substitute any belief system] – is this program spiritually compatible?

I cannot answer this for you, but my opinion is yes. I  believe that our energy body or subtle body – the level of our being that this program focuses on – has nothing to do with a particular spiritual  belief system (or lack thereof.) I believe it is as ‘real’ and perceivable as our physical body. Virtually every culture that has evolved on this planet has at some point developed an energy body mapping of some type, as part of either a healing or spiritual tradition.

I have tried to make the material as ecumenical as possible. If you would like to ‘spiritualize’ it for yourself, please do so! You can add prayers, readings, affirmations, or other spiritual practices to your Daily Initiation Practice, and at any point in the process. Personalizing it in this way can only add value and relevance for yourself. This is YOUR healing, and YOUR process; in some ways I have just provided a framework.

5. I have not suffered any sexual abuse, is this program relevant?

Yes. The social climate and conditioning that most of us, especially women, experience growing up often results in a sense of shame and/or repression when it comes to our sacral chakra and sexual energy. This process can help you clear any residual blocked energy related to your sacral chakra, and to connect with it as the center of your energetic and spiritual self.

6. I am a man that suffered sexual abuse as a child, is this program relevant?

Yes, for the most part, although it was designed for women, based on women’s energetics. Certainly you will benefit, although I would love for someone to do one specifically designed for men (and if no one does, perhaps I will be called to do so some day.) Days 1-7 are very adaptable for men. Days 8-10 are a little different, because they are specifically focused on the 2nd chakra, and this chakra does function differently in men and women (just as our sexual and reproductive organs – the 2nd chakra’s physical counterpart – do). However, even these are easily adapted. I can respond in more detail by email if you are interested, but feel free to use your intuition to do what feels right.

7. I have not had formal therapy, and feel drawn to this program, but you warn that it is not meant to be a replacement for therapy – should I do the program?

Energy work and emotional work (the “2 E’s”) work best hand-in-hand. The entire premise of mind/body medicine, of which energy work is a part, is that the mind (and emotions) and body (and subtle body) are connected. This is the main reason that I emphasize the importance of engaging in counseling or therapy for any sexual abuse you have suffered. There are often so many issues and patterns related to shame, trust, fear, anger and more that need to be worked through. Yes, it is possible to do this without formal counseling, but it is also possible to fool yourself into thinking you have worked through something when you do not have an external guide. And there are many programs available, including free ones through universities, clinics, and women’s organizations (please do an internet search on these – I have opted not to link to any because I can’t personally endorse one approach over any other.) As in all things, trust yourself regarding selecting a counselor and counseling approach. That being said, if you truly feel drawn to this process, my own opinion is that you should trust that. Perhaps it will inspire you to engage in other work to continue your healing journey.

8. Although I have gone to counseling, I am still afraid I won’t be able to handle this process; I am afraid of the feelings it might bring up – what advice do you have?

Remember that you are in control of this process. You can engage with it at whatever level feels comfortable. You can quit at any time. You can even take it slower than 10 days, doing the practices every other day if you like. YOU are in control.

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember, especially for victims of sexual abuse, since you experienced disempowerment on such a basic level. This process is entirely within your power. It is ABOUT your power – about triggering your own natural self-healing abilities. It is something you are choosing to do, for yourself, by yourself. Or not – if it doesn’t feel right for you at this time, there is no reason to force yourself. Maybe it will at some point in the future, or maybe it is just not the right healing practice for you. Trust yourself.

9. I don’t like using the audio files, but if I use the written materials I keep having to look down at the instructions throughout the meditations; is this OK?

Yes, this is fine, although you may want to try reading through an exercise and then doing it from memory – many of them are brief enough to do this. However, it’s not a problem for you to glance back and forth from the E-book.

10. What should I expect to experience as I undergo this process?

It is highly individual. Some people find it very technical and unemotional – they find they are so focused on the exercises that it is not really an emotional process for them. Others find that the process is emotional, and they allow space to center themselves after each day’s exercise. Some report not experiencing anything during the exercises, but then experiencing profound insights or breakthroughs at other times of the day. Some feel dramatically transformed as the process ends, or have dramatic spiritual experiences during it. Others experience nothing like this, but a few months later realize that a quiet shift has occurred.

Healing is an ongoing journey that unfolds in different ways, and at a different pace, for each person. There is no right or wrong way, or typical or atypical way. This process is just one part of your healing journey, and your overall journey as a human being. I think the best advice I can give is to try not to have any specific expectations, and not to judge yourself or your reactions. I also would advise not giving up partway through the program solely because you don’t feel any immediate benefit (although of course you may quit at any time if you are uncomfortable or just feel it isn’t right for you.) Try and let this be a process of discovery, and be fascinated with how you respond – you will learn something about yourself. And remember that you are triggering a process that unfolds over time.

11. What if I have to miss a day, or several? Or decide to quit?

No problem, do what feels right. And don’t judge yourself or feel guilty – two things we women are prone to! Just let it go, and trust it was meant to be. Feel free to try again another time if that feels right.

12. What is the end goal?

Joy and empowerment. Our sacral chakra is connected to our ability to feel and live from joy. And in women in particular, it is also central to our personal power, and manifesting in our lives from a place of empowerment. Of course moving towards these things is a process, and you may not wake up on Day 11 feeling drastically different (although you may – the universe is a magical place.)

13. Can I do it more than once? Can I use the exercises outside of this program?

Yes and yes. Feel free to try the process as many times as you would like. And all of the meditations and exercises can be done individually outside of this program. However, it is the sequence and combination of them here that provides a specific empowerment for self-healing the wounds of sexual trauma. It is larger than the sum of its parts.

Feel free to post more questions, suggestions, or feedback in the comments. Namaste-

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  1. anya permalink
    November 16, 2011 2:54 pm

    thanx, i came upon this randomly on amazon and did it last month. i have never done any chakra work before but i found it really amazing. it was emotional for me at first, and then a little strange when i got to the energy kegels but overall i do feel like something really healed for me. i may do it again. love your blog. – anya

  2. November 16, 2011 6:06 pm

    Lisa, I feel that this is an important contribution. Thank you. I have done much work to heal my sacral chakra, and feel drawn to follow this program as well, although I am doing it in baby steps.

  3. November 16, 2011 6:53 pm

    Hi Anya, thanks for your feedback. Yes the energy kegels do take some getting used to for many of us, and we’re often not used to paying that much attention to our pelvic floor muscles, let alone synchronizing them with a visualization and energy work, so it is challenging. I find it one of the most overall benefical practices however, in terms of clearing and empowering my sacral center. I’m glad you completed the process – please feel free to share more here later on as your healing evolves. – Lisa

  4. November 16, 2011 6:55 pm

    Janice, thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad you are listening to your intuition and doing the program in baby steps. I’d love to hear how it goes for you when you are done, or any feedback you have. – Lisa

  5. Anonymous permalink
    November 16, 2011 7:54 pm

    Hi Lisa, I am glad you talked more about therapy and counseling. As a practicing psychologist I feel this is very important. In many cases of sexual abuse, memory recovery is a delicate part of the healing process, and this is best handled with a caring professional. That being said, I love this idea of also working on the subtle body level. As a yoga practitioner, I am familiar with the chakras, and the ways we can hold wounds at this level. So I salute the work you are doing. Thank you.

  6. November 16, 2011 8:40 pm

    Thanks Anon, you make a great point, and I appreciate your feedback. I’m glad you find value in this work, I think many people can benefit from a multi-facted approach to healing and personal growth. – Lisa

  7. Anonymous permalink
    November 17, 2011 9:48 pm

    Hi Lisa, do you think this is helpful for past life trauma? Hwo do you think it compares with past-life regression therapy and things like that?

  8. Anonymous permalink
    November 17, 2011 9:49 pm

    that last comment is jamie by the way, i can’t seem to login to wordpress at the moment

  9. November 17, 2011 9:53 pm

    Hi Jamie, that seems to be happening a lot I don’t know what is going on. Anyway, yes I do think it is relevant to past life trauma. As you know as an energy healer that works with different energy body mappings, past life traumas are generally held at another level of our energy being than ones from this life, although of course they intersect and impact each other. I think this process or one like it will certainly help, since the chakras serve as the access point between all of the levels. In terms of comparing it to past-life regression, I don’t know, I think both have their place…it would depend on how the regression was handled – the techniques I am familiar with are mostly about recovering past-life memory and working with it therapeutically, so in that sense it’s a bit closer to therapy/counseling…this process is more about working on the wound itself at the subtle body level…I think together they could be very effective…

  10. November 24, 2011 12:47 pm

    Hi Lisa,
    I wrote a few times when I was doing the exercises and it just occurred to me that so much of what has been going on in the last month has been as a result, or part of the process of this work! I loved doing it, it opened me up in so many ways. And has been pretty scary too. I have had to face my biggest fear through what seemed like random events but looking back it all fit together like a jigsaw. And I see, a little peek, a moment, brief but so powerful of that little girl who thought she was alone, that noone cared or could protect her. And that fear of being alone is the core of my struggle in this life.
    On a physical level my body has seized up! Every joint is painful and hard to move. One of my knees swelled to an impressive size! My hot flushes came back and it’s been intense.
    My long term relationship looked like it was finished, actually it has, in that it will never be the same again. I could feel my heart breaking.
    My counselling sessions have been full, intense and real! I sat in a red tent for a weekend and did sweat lodge and journeying with 17 women, powerful…..
    But like I said to you before, I feel like this is my chance, this gateway, this menopause to really leave behind all the stuff that doesn’t do me any good. And even though I would have said before doing the program that I was on that path, there were (and still are!) things that I was avoiding and this work helped me access some of this stuff. So I don’t want to frighten anyone cause reading back it all sounds a bit heavy but it can be, and having support is sooooo important but it was also very subtle!
    And once again, thank you for doing this, I love reading all your stuff.
    lots love

  11. November 24, 2011 5:22 pm

    Kate, thanks SO MUCH for sharing your experiences. I know it can be rocky sometimes, when we are releasing a lot. And yes it sometimes releases through our body, which seems to be part of what you are experiencing (I am also someone who experiences many things kinesthetically, in my body.) How we process has a lot to do with what we are ready for, however. So you were ready for this level of surfacing and release, and that means you can handle it. I absolutely believe we never experience more than we are ready to experience, and that we can always control what we experience. So if it is ever too much, ask for it to show down. And if you are still experiencing pain now, ask for it to fully release – you do not need to process it through your body any more. This new moon today (and the accompanying transit the next few days), along with the current Mercury retrograde are great times to go inward to release the past and enter Solstice and the New Year with a rebirth. Blessings, love and healing to you XOXO -Lisa

  12. anonymous permalink
    December 4, 2011 4:15 am

    Hi Lisa,
    I had gotten advice from a healer to do some sacral chakra based on a relationship i was involved in. This is how I found your 2nd chakra series, which I think is amazing – a great mix of visualization and writing that seems to magically uncover and unearth issues in a gentle way. One observation is that my sex drive seems to have gone through the roof as a result of these activities (in the past I’ve had a high sex drive yet in this past relationship, i wasn’t able to orgasm). I’m wondering if this is common and if this something that can be integrated into healthy balance? I’ve just finished day 5.

  13. December 4, 2011 4:52 am

    Hi Anon, I’m very glad you brought this up, as it is common, and I probably should have it on my FAQ list, although I haven’t had that many people ask me about it (probably out of shyness.) In many chakra-based meditation traditions, there isn’t a lot of focus on the 2nd chakra. or the lower chakras at all at first, for exactly this reason – because it can dramatically increase sex drive, and that can be difficult to manage. In the midst of this 10-day process, I think it is quite common and nothing to worry about in the short term, because it so focused on the lower chakras. Although uncomfortable, this in itself can lead to a greater release over the course of the process, as it means a lot of processing is occurring in the 2nd chakra. Release the sexual energy however you need to outside of the program, with or without a partner (which is quite common in spiritual traditions that focus on the 2nd chakra, believe me!)

    A high sex drive in general, outside of this process, means that you already carry and absorb a lot of energy through your 2nd chakra. We all have different chakra ‘profiles’ in terms of which chakras are most active for us (an interesting book on how this translates into intuitive and spiritual gifts is Cyndi Dale’s The Intuition Guidebook). 2nd chakra people are usually emotional empaths – we absorb others emotions, and process almost all of our own experiences emotionally, or energetically as emotion through our 2nd chakra. We also might have a natural affinity for spiritual paths that focus on the 2nd chakra as the entrance point to Source/Enlightenment, as opposed to the crown, such as the feminine lineages of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and some Tantric yogic lineages, as well as some wicca/pagan ones.

    The complication is that in this culture, we do not have a model for how to handle this energy other than sexually. So our being immediately interprets it as sexual in nature, and wants to express/act on it as such. Long term, in feminine spiritual traditions that address it, the art is learning how to sit with this energy, and feel it as a power that does not have to be expressed or acted upon sexually. If we go into and through an activated 2nd chakra, it becomes a doorway to bliss. If we move the energy upwards (as some of the later exercises in the program will focus on), it becomes a catapult for opening our other chakras, including our crown. But as with all energy work, this takes time. And it requires learning how to sit with the sometimes ‘burning’ energy of desire, so that we can move through that. You may want to consider working with some of these exercises longer term, you can start with doing some of the 2nd chakra exercises from later in this process on a regular basis even after you have completed this process (in combination with other upper chakra work.)

    You may also want to consider whether you have any possible third chakra blocks, as that could mean some of the energy is getting ‘pooled’ in your 2nd chakra and unable to move up. Third chakra issues are related to manifesting your personal power and enforcing boundaries, among other things. If these are problematic areas for you, you may want to do some work focused on your third chakra as well.

    It sounds like you might also benefit from some actual physical, sexual work – i.e. a sexual therapy book, or consider Wild Feminine by Tami Kent, which I just reviewed on Amazon (and which is not a sex therapy book, but is a very physically oriented book on the pelvic bowl.) This may increase your abilities to release completely through this chakra, including orgasmning.

    I realize I have thrown a lot at you in this response. I advise just completing the process, and waiting a bit before deciding what you need next, because this process might clear some things up. Feel free to email me directly at LAMeditation [at] earthlink [dot] net with more details if you’d like a more personalized response, or have follow up questions. And I’d love to hear how it goes for you overall.

  14. Anonymous permalink
    January 15, 2013 4:18 am

    Just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  15. January 15, 2013 4:26 am

    Anon, my pleasure. I hope this work brought/brings you healing and peace.


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