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7 Facts About Me (yes, I’ve been tagged)

April 8, 2009

I’m on vacation enjoying the luminous southwest Canyon Country this week, and had a related post planned on how mystics through the ages have appreciated nature. But then I was tagged by Lises at Quest for Balance to do a 7 facts about myself post, and since I haven’t been such a good sport about these things in the past, decided to go ahead and do it this time. If you hate this kind of thing, you can just blame Lises and the commenters on my month in review posts who claim they like hearing the more personal stuff. Here’s the rules:

  1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

Here you go:

1. I worked as a corporate executive in New York City for fourteen years. People frequently ask me if my life there was anything like Sex and the City. To which I say yes. Except without the sex. Or the designer clothes. Or the apartments with actual kitchens. Or the weekly visits to trendy restaurants and fancy nightclubs. Or the free time. But other than that my life there was just exactly like Sex and the City.

2. I am somewhat slovenly. Not in a bohemian-chic kind of way, just in a plain old slob kind of way. After fourteen years of pantyhose and business suits, I am perfectly happy to spend the rest of this incarnation in sweats and a ponytail. Living in LA – Land of Appearances – this actually makes me kind of a rebel. In fact, I am such a rebel-slob that I sometimes wear the same pair of sweatpants for several days in a row (although I do change my underwear and socks daily.)

3. I am not very cool. I drive a KIA Sedona minivan with three car seats. On any given day the floor is covered in: stale crackers, dog hair, crayons, rotten apple cores, ripped preschool art projects, overdue library books, discarded socks, half-chewed dog toys, used tissues, or one or more pairs of my old sunglasses, which I am perpetually losing and re-finding in the mess.

4. I have a simian line on both palms. This is a combined heart/head line that apparently less than 2% of the caucasion world population has on both hands. According to Wikianswers, European palm readers typically interpret this as a sign of “extreme intelligence (genius) or extreme sociopathology (insanity, criminals).” Just thought you should know.

5. In another potentially disturbing sign, I have six retrograde planets in my astrological natal chart. I have read varying interpretations of this, including that the thrust of my life is more ‘subjective than objective’ (whatever that means), that my power is hidden rather than overt, or that I was a terrible person in my past lives and working to atone for it now. Hmmm. The only interpretation that struck somewhat of a cord is in a comment here, which says people with six or more retrograde planets “tend to take a meandering path in life that changes direction drastically.” This resonates because in addition to my shift from corporate exec to SAHM, I also…

6. …Never thought I would write or have children, but here I am with three kids, and both on and offline writing gigs. On the writing front, I went to a college where everything revolved around writing rather than tests (Sarah Lawrence), and was continually told that my writing was poor, or (from the more polite professors) my ‘ideas were better than my writing.’ So that put me off writing. Then, although I always liked children and even worked with them at a summer camp during college, I spent ten years – from my early twenties to early thirties – studying with a spiritual teacher that emphasized the classic Tantric path, which highlights the energetic cost of having children, especially for women. I felt that path was my spiritual ‘root path’ (I still do actually), and therefore thought children were not meant to be in this lifetime. This wasn’t a sad realization, just a choice for this lifetime. But things changed, huh??

7. I am in love with Adam Lambert from American Idol. Yes, I am an American Idol fan, at least this year. It is in fact currently the only TV show I watch. I know Adam is probably gay and I am happily married, but neither of those is relevant as this is a pure, rapturous, appreciative love. Like all the best performing artists, Adam is a consumate awareness-shifter – he shifts the awareness of everyone around him when he sings, to whatever ‘dimension’ he wants. As a fellow student of awareness, I greatly appreciate his gifts. Go Adam!!!

If you made it this far then you are a very loyal reader, and I thank you for it:-)

Here’s my tags, and no hard feelings if you are not into this, or have been tagged too many times in the past to want to participate. I tried to pick bloggers I am intrigued by and that I hadn’t seen tagged for something like this recently, but I might have missed it if you were…:

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  1. April 8, 2009 8:04 pm

    Oh, thank you for the tag ^_^
    I may be able to manage 7 — I’ve been tagged for the same idea meme that requested 25 things about me, which I haven’t responded . . .
    I visited NYC for the first time a few years ago. I loved the art museums, but the traffic scared me. So noisy (and I was staying midtown near the Central Park.) Anyone who can tolerate that place for extended time deserves much respect, I think.

  2. April 8, 2009 8:40 pm

    Hi, Lisa! I’m so glad you decided to play along because I was so entertained by your answers! I can totally relate to the full post-profession mommy-in-sweats mode. And I never thought I’d find myself HERE either. Just goes to show: what do WE know about how our lives will turn out?

    Anyway, I’m glad I found you and I look forward to looking through the 7 you tagged, and the rest of your blog. Thanks!!

  3. April 8, 2009 9:19 pm

    Very cool! Lisis tagged me for this, too, so I have to get started on it! I can relate (somewhat) to your experience with New York and Sex and the City, because I worked in a hospital in Chicago for a year. People ask me if it was anything like ER! I say: “Sorta. Except for the drama, and the outrageously hot doctors and nurses, and the non-stop excitement…yeah. It was almost exactly NOTHING like ER.” 🙂

  4. April 9, 2009 1:38 am

    Great list, Lisa! Thanks for tagging me. I had a big laugh when you emailed and said that you had tagged me because I don’t write about myself often! It feels like I write about myself all the time, but maybe I just talk to myself in my head so much that I’m bored with that. Anyways, thank you. And it would be my pleasure to participate! Good timing since I just moved my blog to Cirkla!

  5. April 9, 2009 1:40 am

    Oh, and I just loved the bit about the messy minivan and the sweats. That is LIFE. I won’t say much more but will post some responses in my 7 Facts list!

  6. Eloquent Bohemian permalink
    April 9, 2009 7:53 am

    Excellent post.:)
    It’s amazing how our lives change as we live them. I would never have guessed that I would be where I am, either. The closest I came to ‘corporate life’ was working for the government for almost 10 years.

    Palm reading has always intrigued me but, I have been to three separate readers over the years and have been told each time that they couldn’t or wouldn’t read my palm. A bit puzzling. Perhaps I shall try again.

    As far as retrograde planets are concerned, imho, ‘subjective’ would imply that you relate to the world more from your own p.o.v. and what your own feelings/thoughts say than those of others. Retrograde planets are more introspective and intuitive than planets travelling their normal course. Think of them as being ‘turned back toward yourself’. You reflect more than being impulsive, not just mentally, but emotionally as well.

    Of course this also depends on which planets they are, where in the chart they are located, how they aspect each other and the non-retrograde planets, and whether they aspect your Ascendant/Descendant or M.C./I.C.
    Regarding the ‘meandering life’, that would depend more on the above criteria than how many retrograde planets you have.
    My take on it, anyhow.

    I’ll have to think hard about the 7 Facts.
    One thing I’m not clear on is the “Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post”. This is something I’ve no knowledge of.

    Take care. 🙂

  7. April 9, 2009 12:51 pm

    Love your 7 facts about yourself. I would not have picked the corporate exec job. Goes to show you how life can shift so dramatically for us. And, yes, I’ll have a go at this. Just have to think of 7 interesting facts now.

    The retro planet thing is interesting. I know I have a few. I’ve heard much along the lines of what eloquent bohemian has said above. And that people tend to be more introvert and internally focused than externally focused and motivated when they have a bunch of retros in their chart.

    This may also explain your eschewing of the LA image slavery. Hurrah I say! Being in an environment where image is paramount tends to make me go all perverse and rebellious. It makes me want to be a bit of a slob too.

  8. April 9, 2009 3:04 pm

    Loved this exercise, Lisa. You are one cool chick, even though you might not think so! And the corporate exec. thing totally threw me. Wow! Who would have thought! I enjoyed the process of doing this myself, so thanks for tagging me. It was fun!

  9. mommymystic permalink*
    April 9, 2009 3:19 pm

    Thanks all for your comments, and I look forward to reading your posts…and Eloquent Bohemian, thanks for your retrograde interpretation, that actually resonates quite a bit…


  10. April 9, 2009 9:14 pm

    I think I can say ditto to #2 and 3. Depends on perspective though. I would say you’re cool and chic because you’ve come to understand some things that most people would never stop to contemplate. I posted my 7 on Jan’s blog as a comment. Kind of cheated, but I like it there:)

  11. April 10, 2009 2:23 pm

    great list!
    Love your blog.

  12. April 12, 2009 3:11 am

    I posted my 7 Facts! Yeah! That was a lot of fun! Click on my name to check it out!

  13. April 12, 2009 2:04 pm

    I’ve heard the thing about energy cost in having children from other philosophies. However, I have also heard the other pov, that it connects you. I mean, how earthy can you get? As you know, now I’ve discovered the whole creative thang too.

    Retrograde planets – I would go with the intuitive introspective interpretation as well. Which sits well with a Pisces sun doesn’t it?

  14. April 14, 2009 4:17 am

    I’ve always enjoyed reading about other’s 7 facts though I never got round to doing mine.

    Oh wow….were there any characters that you were “role playing” when you lived life as per Sex and the City? Interesting about the classic tantric path! Thanks for sharing!

  15. mommymystic permalink*
    April 14, 2009 5:00 am

    Mon – yea, for me parenthood has really opened a whole new dimension of my path. But I’m not sure it would have been that way had I had my children younger. I think personally I needed things to be in this order, but each of us has a different route/timeline.

    Evelyn – Yes, I played LOTS of roles, that’s for sure! And each one did teach me different things, mostly about managing power, and in some cases my own anger, so they weren’t a loss. I view that stage of my life as necessary, and it also facilitated my spiritual study at the time, in terms of paying for retreats and travel. But my life now feels much more like it is a reflection of who I am, unmasked. Which is why I really liked your post.

  16. Hathor permalink
    April 15, 2009 6:03 pm

    Yay! I love Adam on AI too! I loved the Johnny Cash song he did during country song week. He really does transport people to other dimensions. Love your sense of humor with this post. Very Fun!

  17. April 17, 2009 5:13 am

    Very interesting Lisa! Don’t apartments in New York have actual kitchens?

  18. mommymystic permalink*
    April 17, 2009 5:21 am

    Robin – if you have plenty of $$$ you can get a great kitchen, but the average apartment? No. Most would be considered closets anywhere else in the country…of course, everyone eats out and orders in A LOT, so it isn’t usually a big problem…

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