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February in Review

March 2, 2009

Last month I did a month-in-review post for the first time, idea and format courtesy of Mon at Holistic Mama, and the feedback was good, so here we go again…


Both the kids and I are more balanced this month, partly because I wrote less (hence fewer posts here), and because my mother and stepfather are visiting the area for 7 weeks, and can help out. The kids LOVE all the extra attention – a good reminder that mindful attention is all they ever really need. This month felt like a transition – I’m not entirely sure to what yet though.


The twins are potty-trained!! Right now this feels like the biggest accomplishment of my life. Nothing like trying to catch two 2-year olds ‘in the act’ to develop mindfulness.

Making valentines with the kids. I have NO artistic abilities whatsoever, but as a mother have discovered that I love arts and crafts, so doing it with my kids this age sets me free. Does look like they will soon surpass me in skill however.

Getting lots of comments on my ‘Are You a Mystic?’ post. I don’t seem to inspire comments much, although a respectable number of you do read this  (unless DH is paying wordpress and feedburner to inflate my stats??) So I was happy to finally get comments, and hope to inspire more with a new series on mysticism for women this month.

Being interviewed by Amy Jewell of on BlogTalkRadio. On my hand before the interview I wrote: 1) Don’t talk too fast, 2) Don’t say ‘um’, and 3) Don’t giggle. Listen and let me know how you think I did. Thx.

Starting up my meditation classes again. Always amazed how much teaching propels my own meditations forward.

Hiking in my favorite place with DH (see picture below.)

Rain. The month started out with LOTS of rain, which normally I love, but this got old. I know, those of you busy shoveling your driveway don’t want to hear my whining. But eight years in sunny southern CA have made me a wimp.

The dentist. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to visit the dentist for the first time in five years, since we do actually have dental insurance. This resulted in not one, not two, but three deep cleanings.  All I can say is – FLOSS!!!

The economy hit closer to home. The midwest town where my family is from has been hit very hard, and two cousins were laid off this month, one after 23 years working for the same company, and the other with four kids and an already perilous mortgage. Others we know have survived recent lay-offs and/or taken paycuts. It is interesting to feel the feelings of anxiety this brings up, as well as compassion, and questions as to how to help.


I have continued to explore the weird world that is Twitter. On the upside, I have found several Buddhist and spiritual articles from tweets that I liked. On the downside, Twitter is basically hell for an intuitive person. It’s full of people desperate to get your attention in 140 characters, and because of the high volume, this occurs at a frantic pace. It is like a giant out-of-control  human psyche made visible. Very strange. And addictive, of course. And then there is the mystery of the sudden influx of followers I got this past week. Am I listed someplace? Adding to the mystery is that many defined themselves as Christian Conservatives??? Really not sure what to make of all this.

An insight/thought

I have noticed that at the start of my meditations I am spending more time working through two prominent layers of distraction. The first I call ‘internet mind’, which is a busyness related to additional time online (including Twitter), and  which is very frenetic. The second is a pervasive subtext of anxiety, increasing with the world’s focus on the economy. Cutting through these two layers so that they don’t subtly  ‘attach’ to and magnify my own thoughts is tricky business.

Website/blog Find

Liked this interview with three women spiritual/yoga teachers I really respect – Lama Tsultrium Allione, Shiva Rea, and Sarah Powers


If you can fix a problem in a single subtle structure, the solution will be shared throughout the entirety of the body–subtle and physical.” A little geeky I know, but I get geeky when it comes to chakras and energy body stuff. This is from The Subtle Body, which I loved reviewing this month.

Note to Self

Must stick to vow to limit daily online time, and to honor an ‘internet sabbath’ – at least 24 consecutive hours offline once each week.

Favourite Tip/Idea from web

Also liked this article from Karen Miller, author of Momma Zen, called Parents, Leave Your Home. She is always good at highlighting the ways we perpetually wish things were other than they are.

Slice of home

This isn’t a slice of home, but a slice of the home in my heart (sorry for the uncharacteristic sappiness.) With my mom and stepfather here to watch the kids, DH and I were able to hike in one of our favorite places, for the first time in five years. We started at the bottom, down by that river you can barely see! Based on how my legs feel, it will be another five years before we try this again.


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  1. March 2, 2009 10:01 am

    What a fabulous review!

    Congrats on the potty training. I know the struggle. I think it’s as much a parenting milestone as the child’s, lol.

    Will check some of those links.

  2. Mike permalink
    March 2, 2009 7:28 pm

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  3. March 4, 2009 10:11 am

    Love your review.

    I really resonated with your comment about your meditation, and the layers of distraction’. And you’re spot on about the ‘internet mind’. I can definitely relate to that. It’s a lot like the energetics of caffeine, this hyper-connected, ‘buzzing’ that infuses so much of our thinking.

    And oh, the dentist. I share your dismay. Floss is some kind of magic, dentist-deterring substance is it not?

  4. mommymystic permalink*
    March 4, 2009 5:06 pm

    Mon – thanks for the congrats! Yes, potty-training these two definitely tested me on many levels. I think I was spoiled with my first one, she caught on fast, and I think I jinxed myself by secretly congratulating myself. These two taught me otherwise. Nothing like parenthood to keep you humble…

    Docwitch – thanks for coming by. Yes, ‘buzzing’ is an excellent word. And I wonder, with the newest generation spending so much time online, if their brains are going to develop in that direction?? And what does that mean for meditation in general?? I know this makes me sounds old and fuddy-duddy, but it’s an interesting question I think…

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