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Empowering Your Indigo Child – Book Review

February 11, 2009

Most of Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit, by Wayne Dosick and Ellan Kaufman Dosick, is a manual instructing parents in psycho-spiritual healing rituals they can do with their children to help relieve the negative feelings and behaviors sometimes associated with Indigo children. Dr. Wayne Dosick is a Rabbi, educator, and healer who authored the book Golden Rules: Ten Ethical Values Parents Need to Teach Their Children. Ellen Dosick is an MSW and practicing psychotherapist who also practices spirit guidance, and publishes the teachings she receives through this guidance regularly. The methods in this book have been derived from the couples own work with Indigo children, and from their spirit guides.

I have provided some basic info on the Indigo Children theory, and written about my own doubts about it, in a prior post, Indigo Chidren – New Age Myth or Proof of Evolution? The introductory chapters of this book only increased my discomfort with certain aspects of the Indigo Children theory, mostly because the metaphysical framework put forth is slightly different from my own. For one thing, I’m not entirely comfortable with the way spirit guides are presented here. I also am uncomfortable with the utopian expectations placed on these children; for example, the Dosicks write:

The Indigos have come to this Earth to envision and embody the coming perfection of our world. Earth’s evolution depends on the amazing gifts these children bring…they are the spiritual inheritors and, now, transmitters of this ever-evolving world of ours…

I am not inclined to believe the world will ever be perfected, or is meant to be so (although there’s no question there’s room for a lot of improvement), nor am I comfortable with the idea that a particular generation is born to play this role. Finally, I’m not comfortable with the idea that this generation is in a special kind of pain because of their  unique ‘separation from God’. The authors write, “They come in perfection, and they are tossed into our wildly imperfect world.” Welcome to the human condition, as far as I’m concerned. Sages from every mystic tradition known to humankind have been writing about this kind of pain – and how to get out of it – for a millenia. It’s not new and it’s not unique.

Despite my reservations, I liked this book (once I got past the intro) because it is instructional and practical, and because I do believe that those working with Indigo Children have identified some unique spiritual and energy-based trends in today’s kids (whatever the cause.) And the methods outlined here draw on two things which I believe have  a very special healing power – ritual and the energy/spiritual connection between parent and child.

There are three sets of healing techniques outlined in the book. The first are the ‘YouMees’, seventeen exercises for children ages 7-17, designed to be performed in a ritual, game-like fashion, between parent and child. Each of these exercises is meant to address a particular form of negativity in a child, such as anger, grief, fear, distrust, despair, etc. Specific instructions are given for each exercise, including how to set up a sacred space to conduct them in, how to initiate each session, and how to close each one out. The exercises themselves are very easy to perform, mostly involving statements on the part of both the parent and child, and simple movements. The YouMees are the heart of the book, and considered the primary healing method for Indigo children.

The second healing method is designed for children under 7, who “have not yet developed the cognitive abilities and skills to participate meaningfully in a healing session…and are connected to their parents by a ‘spiritual umbilical cord.'” In the ritual associated with this method, called Gracelight, the parent is acting as a surrogate for the child, until they are old enough to participate in the YouMees. Because my children are all under 7, I tried Gracelight out on my eldest, now 4 1/2, and could certainly feel the power of the exercise; she herself was absolutely fascinated with the process, not to mention thrilled at being 100% the center of my attention for awhile (a lesson in itself.) Because she doesn’t exhibit any particularly troublesome behavior (beyond what I consider normal for her age), it’s hard to say whether or not it had an impact, but I plan to continue to do these monthly for awhile as the authors suggest, and perhaps will post more on the result in a future post.

The final healing method is for adults who feel they are Indigos, and revolves around energy work with the seven primary chakras, and issues associated with their blockage. Because I teach and do chakra meditation, this was the most familiar to me, although none of it seemed particularly specific to Indigos.

To sum up, if you subscribe to the Indigo Children theory, and are a parent looking for new ways to work with your own children, you will probably really appreciate Empowering Your Indigo Children. If you aren’t so sure, or aren’t a parent, you may still find it interesting. If you’d like more information about the book, you can visit the authors website at Soul by Soul.

I welcome comments! Go to the book page for more book reviews, or the parenting page for other posts related to spiritual parenting.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 12, 2009 5:03 pm

    Thank you for this article. I find the Indigo child theories quite interesting, although I do share your skepticism on placing such a burden on a certain generation of children. I wonder at the correlation between human evolution and Indigo children. I hope that in the future there will be more research regarding biological, cultural, and psychological influences related to Indigo children.

  2. mommymystic permalink*
    February 12, 2009 5:27 pm

    Thanks for your comment. I hope also that research branches out regarding this theory, and that more people from differing spiritual AND scientific backgrounds start to take it seriously and look into it, because I do think there is something there, but it is getting a little marginalized as ‘New Age’ right now.

  3. February 12, 2009 6:22 pm

    Yes, so included my reservations. “Earth’s evolution depends on the amazing gifts these children bring” DEPENDS, yikes.

    Also, I feel this theory, that places so much importnce on this generation, fails to appreciate that every geenration has played its pat in the ‘evolution of earth’. I believe that even generations that have caused pain are part of the greta Human Drama. And as you mention, i don’t believe we are to create a perfect world, whatever that is.

    Any chance on elaborating on that Gravelight ritual?

    I feel that this type of healing will benefit any child of any ‘hue’. Anger and the rest are issues for us all. So the practical aspects of this book might be of interest to me.

  4. mommymystic permalink*
    February 12, 2009 9:25 pm

    Hi Mon, thanks for coming by. Their website has a little more info, but to get their version of the entire ritual, I guess you need to either buy their book or by another one that is currently listed on their site (that was maybe self-published first? seems to be the same material, so I am a bit confused about that.) But, the basic steps are 1) Setting up a Sacred space, 2) Performing an energy balance, 3) Reciting an invocation, 4) Weaving the Harmony – which in this case is reading a kind of a poem that basically asks for everything that stands in opposition to “light’ to be dissolved, and “full consciousness” to arise, 5) Do a blessing and 6) Close out the sacred space. Nothing is specifically done ‘to’ the child, or even said about the child, which I like. It’s more of a general ‘entering into the light’ kind of thing, with the child simply present. They suggest giving the child a small natural item of some sort (stone, shell, etc.) as a memento. They give specific instructions for each step, and of course these are from their spirit guides, so it is designed to be done in a very particular way.

    Personally I think the main power of any ritual is our intent behind it, so it is possible to construct our own based on our own intuition with our children, but a lot of people would disagree with me on that…


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