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More Heroes: Christiane Northrup, Michael Beckwith, Dan Millman

September 29, 2008

The Heroes for Healing online group writing project is entering its final week, and now has profiles of over 30 contemporary spiritual teachers, healers, and writers. The entire project will soon be posted at its permanent location by Jenny Mannion,  the project’s creator and organizer. Check back here in the coming weeks for a link to the final site.

Below are profiles of three more worthy additions to the project, two of which were contributed by guest writers. The first is Dr. Christiane Northrup, a pioneer in women’s health and holistic well-being. The second is Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, contributor to The Secret, and leader in spiritual transformation. The third is Dan Millman, author of the bestselling Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and The Life You Were Born to Live.

Scroll down to read the full profiles of these amazing teachers, go to the parent post to view the full list of profiles, or see my prior posts on Gangaji, Marianne Williamson, and Joan Borysenko.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

by Marilyn Kay

Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness, Dr. Northrup is a leading proponent of medicine and healing that acknowledges the unity of the mind and body, as well as the powerful role of the human spirit in creating health. Following a career practicing obstetrics and gynecology for over 25 years, Dr. Northrup has dedicated her lifework to helping women (and the men who love them) learn how to flourish on all levels by creating health, prosperity, and pleasure in their lives.  She says, “I’ve spent the first half of my life studying and footnoting everything that can go wrong with the female body—and figuring out how to fix it. I’m dedicating the second half of my life to illuminating everything that can go right with the female body, including teaching women how to truly flourish.”




Books: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom , The Wisdom of Menopause

What Marilyn Kay Has Learned From Dr. Northrup

From the late 40’s to mid 50’s is an awakening time for a woman, when there is a psychic and energetic shift from the identity she has known with her home and family to an urgent need for personal exploration and self-expression.  There is literally a hormone-driven re-wiring of the brain taking place, a call to move both inward and outward.  Inward to find her wisdom and explore her deepest connection to herself, and outward to express her courage and her voice.  This is the most creative time for a woman, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is also a time when she begins to create from a place of knowledge and vision for all the women who will come behind her. “When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she is almost 50 years old.” (Maxine Cumin)

Note: If you’ve learned something from Dr. Northrup, please feel free to leave your own comment at the end of this post.

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Dr. Michael Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center and an internationally recognized leader in spiritual transformation and the creation of trans-denominational spiritual communities. Dr. Beckwith holds a doctorate in Religious Science and has received numerous awards for his humanitarian work. He created a process called ‘life-visioning’, that helps spiritual practitioners free their awareness from limiting social conditioning and open their awareness to the love, peace and abundance of God. He supports meditation, prayer and service to community as the foundations for personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Beckwith contributed to both the DVD and book versions of the bestselling The Secret, and has appeared on Oprah and Larry King to discuss it and his other work. The Agape Center is one of the largest multi-cultural religious institutions in the world, with over 9,000 members.




Books/CDs: Life Visioning (Audio CD), Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential (Nov. 2008)

What Lisa Erickson Learned From Michael Beckwith

“To the degree that you can break free of consensus thinking (normal thinking), to that degree, the fullness of God rushes in and becomes the activity of your awareness and your affirmation of that truth becomes your reality.” As this quote shows, Dr. Beckwith’s teachings go far beyond the law of attraction as it is presented in The Secret. He urges us to full spiritual liberation, by breaking through the traps of our conditioned thinking and experiencing. He urges us to live our lives as expressions of divine love, in every thought, word, and deed – not through judgment and force, but by shifting the loci of our awareness to another level.

Note: If you’ve learned something from Dr. Beckwith, please feel free to leave your own comment at the end of this post.

Dan Millman

by Matthew Wadleigh

Dan Millman is the author of Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, which was written to inspire, uplift, and remind readers of life’s bigger picture and higher purpose.  Dan has dedicated his life to bringing greater clarity and perspective to people of all walks of life by teaching how to live a more meaningful and purposeful life in the real world.  Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a fictionalized autobiography that speaks to the peaceful warrior in all of us.  The tale reminds the reader of the essential perfection of your life unfolding, and to trust this process.  These topics resonate in a quote from Dan: “The time is now, the place is here.  Stay in the present.  You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.”  Dan Millman is a former world-champion gymnast, martial arts expert, and college professor.  He has written an additional 12 non-fiction books, all expansions of the topics presented in his first tale.




Books: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The Life You Were Born to Live

What Lisa Erickson Learned from Dan Millman

“There are no ordinary moments.” The Way of the Peaceful Warrior was one of the first spiritual books I read, while in college, and it had a profound effect on me. I began to question the assumed reality I had been living in, and look for deeper meaning and patterns. In a very real sense, this book helped initiate my life-long spiritual search – something it has done for countless others over the years.

Note: If you’ve learned something from Dan Millman, please feel free to leave your own comment at the end of this post.

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  1. September 30, 2008 10:45 pm

    Love, love, love Dr. Northrup and consider her partially responsible for some pretty profound (and healthy) changes in my life. Not as familiar with the other ones, so thanks for the clips. You might also like the work of Marcelle Prick. She, along with Dr. Northrup, cofounded the Women to Women clinic together in Maine. She is still there and the work that the clinic does is excellent. Here’s the site: (no I don’t work there — it’s just that your post inspired me to pass along another name!). Take care — love your blog.

  2. mommymystic permalink*
    October 1, 2008 2:06 am

    Jacqueline, thanks for your comment and suggestions. You might also like Joan Borysenko if you haven’t already found her – also a medical doctor focused on women’s health, but with more of an explicit spiritual focus than Dr. Northrup.

  3. Dan permalink
    January 29, 2009 7:07 pm

    Dan Millman must be pretty good at doing dishes!!!

  4. Maureen permalink
    August 13, 2009 1:18 am

    I’d like to correct something, a widespread falsity that no one seems to question, including you on this site. Michael Beckwith holds no authentic doctorate.
    He was awarded an “honorary” doctorate from the United Church of Religious Science.

    The church is not a university and has no power whatsoever to grant any kind of degree, none — honorary, earned, or otherwise. That belongs to accredited educational institutions. Only a degree granting University or graduate school of theology/divinity, in this case, can award a doctorate. This church is not that.

    Furthermore, it is utterly unethical to actually USE even a legitimately awarded honorary degree in a professional manner, such as calling oneself “Dr.” after getting the honor. NO ONE does that. It is a blatant misrepresentation of oneself. Only an earned doctorate, for a legitimate university, qualifies one to designate themselves as Doctor.

    He holds no authentic Ph.D. No Doctor of Divinity degree, nor Doctor of Ministry degree. His parading around calling himself doctor is fraudulent and unethical.

    Most people never ask. You didn’t. Oprah continually get herself duped. Even Larry King was mesmerized and failed to ask what this guys background and education was.

    Did he even graduate from college?

    It’s time a spiritual leader stops the con, that starts with the dishonest way in which he presents himself to begin with — with a deception.

    If he’s there, how can he be trusted spiritually? He’s just another snake oil salesman wrapped in modern jargon —making tons of money off the suckers born every minute.

  5. mommymystic permalink*
    August 13, 2009 2:19 am

    Hi Maureen, I will research this and clarify the source of his doctorate, and whether it is honorary, in this post after doing so. However, I personally do not feel it is an offense for him to use this title, if he received it under the circumstances you describe. I also feel that his teachings and books have value. I do not attend his Church and do not know him personally at all, but these entries were written for a directory that covers many prominent spiritual authors and lecturers (which he most certainly is). Thanks anyway, for visiting.

  6. Chiron permalink
    January 7, 2010 10:22 am

    Thank you Maureen:)

    You pose excellent questions ones that any should be asking before we adopt the opinions of another man that has no bibliography or background that can be spoken of.

    Just because you can lecture and are an eloquent speaker does not mean you are a keeper of spiritual truth.

    It is an interesting experiment in how as a whole in society any man can come along give his enlightened opinions on subject matter as a purported expert in the matter and then charge you sometimes astronomical prices to hear it. Anyone can write a book of their thoughts and feelings about life or write fiction novels that entertain us. The only experience most of these men had was as either author’s lecturer’s or good business men. Where did that entitle them to be giving lectures on the truth’s about mankind and the beautiful simplicity yet complexity of our natural world and the “Kingdom of God”. Makes great stories, good entertainment, but does not mean it is “Truth”.

    “Dr” Beckwith rather than teaching spiritual “Truth” appears to be giving more opinions on how we can all get wealthy and live the lavish life that we all crave in a world that has severe suffering that most of us prefer not to look at because it is too scary and ugly and would invoke us all to stretch well beyond the limits of what we deem we are capable of in love, sacrifice and devotion to our suffering brothers and sisters who have been victims of a heartless and ruthless business world and monetary system where profit is king at the expense of life. It would burst our little bubbles of hope while children in China are making the cool suits and Nike Shoes we all wear having to start work at 4 in the morning and work 12 hours a day so he can eat because he is a prisoner of the monetary system and a slave. So much for being a “Child” of the “Living God”. It would mean we would have to stop buying genetically modified foods that are causing untold damage to human and animal life but that we cannot stop because you keep buying it. It would mean recognizing that money does not exist and is only a figment of our imagination created by men who had no business controlling our we operate our affairs. It would mean instead of sitting through one of “Dr.” BEckwith’s amazing seminars on universal love and consciousness we would all fire the governments we have created that are over in afghanistan bombing the hell out of people for no good reason. It would mean giving up the lavish life of comfort to stand up for the life of mankind and help heal the suffering of others. It would mean walking through hell for your best friend or fellow man because you love him. It would mean reading your food labels and refusing to buy foods that are not local or meats that are fed dead cows back to it and tortured before they die for profit. Food that doesn’t have unrecognizable ingredients on the label that prove to cause innumerable chronic diseases. You would start thinking about the world around you and the severe iniquities that are contained within it. Maybe ask yourself what the word “person” means.
    Why do you have a identifying documents?
    Do you know who you really are or do you just take an identifying documents word for it? Have you ever wondered who gave others the authority to tell me how fast to drive, how much money of which is not real I am supposed to pay them each month.

    Who gave fictitious corporations the right to all of “God’s Kingdom” and the right to withhold it for payment from “God’s Children” This includes lands, property and the resources of this planet. This is an abomination to the “God” that loves all his children great and small equally. What happened to “All Men/Women are equal under the law?” I thought “God” was our creator not society or other men claiming to hold truth about the great “Kingdom of God” and then reaching out with the other to take your money for it.
    We all deserve to earn a living and to write fictional books and if you want to believe what these fictional books say that is completely your right and I would never judge you for choosing to do so. I just happened to stumble across Maureen’s post and I thought she raised some good points that we should all be asking ourselves now. We live in a world full of hollywood and smoke and mirrors designed to distract us from the true self absorbed and selfish nature we have adopted and the massive destruction we have caused the natural world because of it, we have choices and these “Teachers of Truth” should be telling you the truth about your food, your water, where your cleaners are going, how many people died trying to tell you about the dangers of genetically modified foods, how much brain damage artificial sweeteners have been purported to cause to children eating these foods regularly. How nature is the best medicine you can get and how to live a whole foods lifestyle. Natural methods of cleaning, farming, raising animals that respects life not destroys it for profit.
    I do not hear “Dr” Micheal Beckwith talking of such things and providing actual solutions to these problems we face.
    I wish no one any harm or judgment via this post but one has an obligation to aid in clarity of iniquity wherever it is seen if it received or not is up to the listener.

    “Peace be with you”

  7. mommymystic permalink*
    January 7, 2010 5:58 pm

    Hi Chiron, I have debated whether or not to leave your comment up because this blog is not really about Michael Beckwith, and this particular post was actually written as part of a directory listing for another site, that includes hundreds of different contemporary teachers and authors. I don’t know him and haven’t attended his church, I have only read some of his books and found parts of them very insightful, and the directory this was for is mainly meant to be a resource for people looking for books and resources of that nature. So I’m not really qualified to debate Michael Beckwith’s qualifications or teachings, and this site isn’t really the place for that. I can only say that some part of his books have been helpful to me. Also, if you return to read other parts of this blog, you will find that I actually share many of your views regarding the issues with prosperity/law of attraction type teachings, so perhaps if you do return we can debate some of those items on a post about that.
    In any case, in the spirit of free speech on the internet I’ve decided to leave your comment up, thanks for visiting.

  8. Chiron permalink
    January 8, 2010 4:20 am

    Hi Mommy Mystic 🙂

    “Peace be with you”

    I did take the time to carouse the rest of your site and read your Bio. I loved how you put the teachings of “Buddha” & “Christ” hand in hand because that is exactly how they are. Many people believe there to be a difference and it is too bad the institution of religion has gotten ahold of those teachings to deceive many.
    I do thank you for reading the post and honouring my thought on the matter I meant no offense or judgement.

    I also have a site starting in the next couple of weeks titled “The Whole Food Project” which is very video comprehensive where we guide people through demo’s and interviews with healers and practitioner’s on living a natural centred way of life. I think you would absolutely love it. It is very conscious and respectful of all ways of eating, diets, and healing as long as it operates from a Do No Harm perspective and educates people on how to utilize their choices to begin having an effect on changing some of the iniquities we have amongst us now more than ever.
    I will keep you posted and send you a link. We have been working on it for 3 years now and went with an excellent filmmaker to finish it, the quality is outstanding and we believe may be a great vehicle to unite us all through our differences and focus on our commons.
    My main e-mail is

    I wish you well and Peace in your travels


  9. mommymystic permalink*
    January 8, 2010 6:05 pm

    Richard, good luck with your new site, it is does sound very interesting, and I would be interested in checking it out when the time arises.

  10. December 18, 2016 10:51 pm

    Great site you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about here? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get responses from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!|


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