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Happy Lunar New Year! New Course About to Start

January 23, 2023

Hello everyone! Whether you are new or a longtime reader, I hope you find something of value here. Although I have not been actively blogging recently, I do hope to restart in 2023. In the meantime, there are many legacy articles here on women’s energetics and related topics – just browse through the menus.

If you are interested in my books, classes or private sessions, please check out my website The next round of my seminal 3 month Chakra Empowerment for Women intensive begins January 24, you can sign up here. Be sure to join my email list there for updates and free mp3 offerings.

Book Giveaway! For Women’s History Month

March 11, 2022

In honor of Women’s History Month I am running a book giveaway of some of my favorite books written by women authors on the topics covered by this blog. All you have to do to enter is comment with a wish for the world, and pause a moment as you do so to send that energy out with intention. On March 31st I will draw and post the winners of each book and contact you by email. You can select at that time if you prefer Kindle, Audiobook or Print version. That’s it!

I am on a semi-sabbatical as I explore writing projects and new offerings, so haven’t been posting here much, but I will return later this year and continue to do a few long-form energy work articles here, while I do continue to do shorter guidance posts on Instagram and Facebook. In the meantime, I am offering more of my Saturday energy work intensives in April – July, so be sure to check out that schedule on Eventbrite which includes energy workshops for sexual trauma, menopause, intuition development, boundaries, manifesting, and gift empowerment

In the meantime, enter your wish for the world and send it out with intention for a chance to win one of these amazing women-authored books!

(Yes of course I included my own book – it’s important to own your worth!)

Note that you do not have to enter your real name with your comment, but do be sure to include your email so I can reach you, which will not be displayed or added to any lists (promise!) I’ll draw winners for each book and contact them on March 31st – enter your wish for the world and send it out. Thank you and good luck!



Manifesting Through the Chakras

December 9, 2021

I decided to reblog this post as we move into the Solstice and New Year. The energies now are particularly potent for vibrational shifts, and for setting yourself up for new goals and creations in 2022. To support you I’m running my final workshop of the year this Saturday – Manifesting Through Your Chakras, and will guide you through the process I use (and that you can repeat throughout this time.) Then in January I will begin the next round of my 3 month Chakra Empowerment for Women intensive, to support you in making these shifts permanent. I’m also excited to announce that the audiobook for Chakra Empowerment for Women is out! 

I wish you a beautiful and joyful holiday season and New Years transit. I hope to see you on my screen, but if not I hope this post, originally run last year, can help you feel more of what you’d like to in 2022. 


So often on this blog I have focused on the upward path of the chakras – the movement towards spiritual awakening. But the downward path is just as important – that of working towards goals in our lives and birthing new aspects of it. While this is often called manifesting, I actually prefer the more recently popular term ‘co-creation’, because it better captures the interactive and interdependent nature of how we experience our lives. As we work to manifest something new, we will naturally encounter delays and obstacles (hello 2020!) These can stop us in our tracks, or open the doorway to adaptation and adjustment in a way that births something unexpected, but not necessarily lesser, than what we originally planned. This is co-creating with the universe, and it’s what we are all doing all the time – co-creating reality with others, all of humanity really, and whatever divine force you feel is also present within us.

I have chafed over the years at some manifesting/LOA teachings that emphasize personal will and work as the exclusive driver to what we can manifest. In this way of thinking, when things don’t go as planned, an individual is often left feeling self-blame and shame, or that they somehow failed to think positively enough, visualize strongly enough, or work hard enough, or that they self-sabotaged from some counter energy they had not yet healed. While of course our own energy, and any emotional patterning that doesn’t serve us, can hold us back, it’s simplistic to dismiss all external factors as reflections of internal blocks. It denies the complexity of world events such as COVID19, wildfires, and economic collapses, as well as denying the reality of social structural constraints such as racism, sexism, and other biases. We are not manifesting in a vacuum. And manifesting is not only for ourselves either – we are in a moment in history where we have an opportunity to co-create a different world. We are all feeling this, and perhaps what you feel called to manifest right now is one thread in a larger tapestry of change.

The chakras provide a great framework for working towards a goal, and for relating to setbacks as opportunities to both heal and regroup/ adjust. Manifesting, or co-creation, can be viewed through the downward pathway of the chakras as the process of birthing energies we want more of in our lives (crown) through something tangible we create in the world (root.) Each of the chakra functions play a role, and looking at our goal through this lens can help us identify what we’re good at, what we need help with, and what healing or adaptations our setbacks might be calling upon us to make.

Just like the upward path of awakening is not simply linear – we don’t march one by one through lessons of each chakra – so it is with the downward path and co-creation. I’ll present the chakras in linear order, one by one, from crown to root, but really this is just a framework. You will work iteratively with the themes of each chakra as you manifest, and some goals may involve some chakras a lot and others not at all. Similarly, the listing of Blocks/Calls to Heal associated with each chakra is just a framework to help you assess – most blocks don’t lie neatly in one chakra, we are much more complex than that! But working with the chakra listed first will almost always be a helpful starting point. There are so many ways to work with each chakra, so that’s beyond the scope of this post, but you can of course start with some of the other posts here, and my book, as well as any other chakra methods you find helpful.

I could easily make this a multi-post series, as this is often complex work (and I do work with this in client sessions and teach it in more detail in classes) but my hope is the framework below can provide a useful starting point for you.

Crown Chakra

Setup – Vibration: The energy, vibration, or state of being you are seeking to create more of in your life. This is what you are actually trying to manifest – or a truer way of saying it might be this is what you are actually seeking to bring forth more of in your life, through the process of manifesting in your external world. For example, abundance, security, joy, purpose, love, connection, ease or vitality. These are your True North – your vision (third eye) or the specifics may change as you move through the process of manifesting, but you use these crown energies to assess the adaptations you make as the process unfolds.

Practice: Identify at least three for yourself, and give them each a color. Try to feel/see balls of light representing these energies as these colors above your head, and dissolve them into your crown chakra.

Crown Blocks/Calls to Heal: Doubt, uncertainty, disconnection from sense of purpose, feeling of no spiritual support (‘the universe is against me’), or that occult forces are obstructing you.

Third Eye

Setup – Vision: Your actual vision of what you want to create. For example, a new job, business, non-profit, book, course, product/service offering, home, or relationship  (or it might be more abstract – a mind state, state of health, or new belief system – but in this case you still need to get specific in this vision step.) Flesh out your vision as fully as you can at this point, and carefully assess whether it actually aligns with what you identified in the crown section. Remember this is an iterative process though – go back to crown and refine if you need to. The details may clarify or change as you implement various steps or trials.

Practice: Flesh out your vision in as much detail as you can – create 1-3 mental visuals representing your end goal, perhaps tied to each of the vibrations/states you selected for the crown setup. Bring these visuals to mind in front of your third eye, with a line of white light connecting your third eye to each. Try to feel/see each one as you visualize. Imagine them each coming fully into your third eye and the vibration spreading throughout your body. If you like vision boarding, you can also create an external vision board to support this step.

Third Eye Blocks/Calls to Heal: Lack of clarity, difficulty deciding on vision (may present as too many ideas), fear of ‘being wrong’, lack of trust in self to see clearly (seeking outside counsel on every detail.)

Throat Chakra

Setup – Communication. A concise, clear description of what you are creating, tied to the first two steps. If you like, you can use the ‘as if’ format many manifesting approaches advise, wording it as if it is already fully present now. For example, ‘my energy healing business is financially prosperous, helping many, and fulfilling to me’ or ‘My home is nurturing, close to nature, bright, and affordable’. If you are creating a business you may also want to create ‘elevator’ speeches – versions of this that inspire others to support you (financially or otherwise) or become your customer or client.

Practice: Say your main statements often to yourself – and practice feeling them as true, in every part of your body and subtle body. For the elevator speech versions, practice saying them to others, and emanating out your own contagious enthusiasm and belief as you do so.

Throat Blocks/Calls to Heal: Wanting to hide, remain inconspicuous, or keep parts of yourself secret, fear of others’ reactions, fear of persecution for speaking your truth or desires, fear that speaking it makes it too ‘real’, difficulty expressing self or finding words (bringing the inside out)

Heart Chakra

Setup – Support: The people and resources you need to attract as part of your manifesting process. This varies depending on where you are in your process – for a business it initially might be investors, money, a mentor, or partner, but eventually becomes clients/customers, employees/contractors, and supportive systems. For a health goal it might initially be the practitioner who can properly diagnose your issue, and then becomes the healers and modalities who support your healing, along with the resources to compensate them. Throughout, the support of family and friends is usually essential, so this step is not always about attracting new people into your life – it may also be about getting those already in your life on board (or letting go of those who can’t or won’t support you.) This can be spiritual support too (linked more to the back of the heart chakra) – are you in need of spiritual guidance or protection? Identify what you need.

Practice: Practice receiving! Often the hardest thing for us to do. Once you have identified what you need, imagine you are receiving it every day, and that it is pouring into your heart chakra. You might visualize beings of light representing the actual ‘people’ you are attracting, or a new location, website, or even money. See it pouring in and try to release any feelings of discomfort with receiving in this way. You can visualize spiritual support pouring in the back.

Heart Blocks/Calls to Heal: Feeling unworthy or undeserving, self-criticism and self-judgement, fear of others’ criticism and judgement, jealousy and comparison, imposter syndrome (“I’m a fake” – other chakras can also be the primary holder of this, but I find working with the heart is always helpful), resistance to asking for or receiving help.

Navel Chakra

Setup – Plan: Your plan of action – the actual steps and timelines for what you need to do. Depending on what you are manifesting you may have several versions of this – a long term plan that’s higher level, and then a shorter term one of your next tasks. These will evolve over time, as you move forward, but initially it’s important to at least have a long term ‘map’ and the next three specific tasks that you want to accomplish along with a target timeline. It’s easy to get stuck here, and if you do, it’s always best to DO SOMETHING. Take some action, because then based on how it goes, you get FEEDBACK (from actual people or the universe in general) as to what your challenges are – then you can revise (see Sacral), release blocks, heal, and regroup. Often there is a lot of circling between these bottom three chakra steps of Plan-Adapt-Act. In practice they are closely entwined, although for the initial setup, they are more distinct.

Practice: Write it down! Write down both your long term steps (which might be more general) and your specific action steps in the immediate future, and determine a target timeline. Speak it to others whom you trust to support you.

Navel Blocks/Calls to Heal: Lack of confidence, difficulty committing, procrastination, paralyzing perfectionism, mental fogginess/fuzziness, time management challenges, fear of owning your power and what that might bring (fears of persecution, betrayal, targeting, scapegoating – generally multi-chakra issues, but healing your relationship to your own power through navel work is a good starting point)

Sacral Chakra

Setup –  Adapt: This is both your inspiration energy, and your ability to stay fluid and adaptable when setbacks arise and you need to adjust. While the navel and root are about structure and specifics, this chakra is about flow. As I mentioned in the navel section, these lower three chakras are where the real ‘work’ is, and we cycle through them in many variations and iterations as we move through the process of actually ‘birthing’ something new in our lives. When obstacles arise or disappointments occur, our navel provides the will and plan to move forward, but our sacral energy provides the inspiration to continue and the fluidity to adjust. In this process we use the crown energies we established as our guide – adjustments that stay true to this are fine, and may reverberate through all the other levels, modifying our vision, communications, support needed, and plan.

Practice: Initially focus on your inspiration – this is probably closely tied to the crown chakra energies you identified, but is more the ‘why’ than the ‘what’. Why do you want this change? What inspires you to birth it? In the iterative phase, this changes – instead focus on letting go of your original plan, and adjust and adapt based on what you have learned from your setbacks or obstacles.

Sacral Blocks/Calls to Heal: Rigidity, hopelessness, patterns of giving up/discouragement, joylessness, stagnation/stuckness, cycles of shame/self-blame, feminine conditioning that says you can’t have what you want.

Root Chakra

Setup –  Action: Execute the tasks you identified as your immediate ones. Take action. This is the birthing process. Unless you actually take action, you can’t get feedback to refine from. There is risk involved in this, and issues of safety and risk are paramount when working with this chakra, as are issues of gain/loss and resources. Embodying resilience is key – the ability to act even when there is fear or uncertainty, and receive whatever outcomes arises as a key to wisdom, rather than a reflection of who you are.

Practice: Do the first/next tasks on your list!

Root Blocks/Calls to Heal: Risk aversion, feeling of overwhelm, safety/security concerns, poverty attachments/vows or other money or resource issues, lack of support from family/friends (and ancestral patterns, also linked to more than one chakra, but this is a good place to start on your own.)


I hope this is a helpful framework for you and I welcome questions. If you are a woman looking to work on any of the chakra blocks/calls to heal listed here, I invite you to join my next round of the Chakra Empowerment for Women webinar, beginning next month.

Be Well.

Feminine Energetics Q &A

October 7, 2021

REMINDER – Next Fall workshop, Energy Work for Sexual Trauma, is this Saturday! Sign up now on Eventbrite, and view other Fall workshops coming up (next round of the 3 month intensive will start in January.)

The following questions were put to me by the Spanish version publisher of Chakra Empowerment for Women, Ediciones Urano. They translated them into Spanish for their own audience, but I thought the questions were good ones so I wanted to post them here – questions on women’s energetics, methods for accessing the chakras, the role of gender identity and more.

Cyndi Dale, in her foreword states, that until your book arrived “the location of the basis of female power has been completely ignored.”  Some systems place this at the first chakra but you place it at the second chakra for women. How can we better understand why this has been ignored in the past?

The difference in emphasis between the first and second chakra partly has to do with variations in energy body mappings – there isn’t just one mapping. Energy body mappings from around the world all differ slightly, based on the purpose of the tradition they were developed within, and who developed them- just like a geological map and a road map of the same area differ based on their use. Some energy body mappings developed within energy medicine traditions and focus more on the connection between the subtle body and physical organs and systems, while others developed within spiritual or magic traditions focused on shifting consciousness and vibration. While they all intersect, it’s important to work with the model that works for what you are trying to do.

In addition, some traditions were more female-centric and some more male-centric. Historically male-dominated teachings and writings are what came down through history to the present day. But as the focus on women’s history grew over the last few decades, more women-centric teachings have been recovered. And it’s become clear that most if not all of these feminine energy body mappings center on the womb area as the primary energy center in the feminine energy body.

So while I value all traditions and energy body mappings, for most individuals who identify as a woman, I have found that focusing on the second chakra in the lower pelvis and working with this ‘womb’ energy (regardless of whether or not someone has a physical womb) is the most helpful for opening up the feminine energy body in general. Empowering and healing cascades through the entire energy body. Working here is also key to working on releasing blocks due to sexual trauma and misogyny.

In different methods of working with the chakras, including yours, can women work differently than men?

Everyone needs to find the method(s) of working with their energy body that most resonates for them. Some may prefer breathe work or sound, while others like affirmations or visuals. Most of us need a combination. They are each tools for hooking our awareness and intention into the subtle planes, and shifting energies, and all have their value. In terms of this, I don’t find that men and women overall gravitate towards one or the other method. But in terms of which chakras are the most blocked and how, there usually are differences, most of which I walk through in the book. The primary difference is that the masculine energy body tends to be anchored in the root, or first, chakra and can tend towards rigidity. The feminine energy body tends to be anchored in the sacral, or second, chakra and can tend towards absorption and fluidity. So men tend to need to focus on fluidity and energy flow, and women on boundaries and energy stabilization. Then there are a whole host of gender conditioning factors that can play a role in how our energy body functions – for example, women tend to be conditioned away from fully utilizing their power in the world, and so don’t always fully access their navel, or third, chakra centers. These are just a few of the differences commonly found.

In each process of transition or change in the woman’s body, such as menstruation, childbirth, or menopause, is the flow of subtle energy affected? If yes, then in what way?

Our energy body is an intermediary layer between both our physical body and our psyche and spirit. So yes, at the level connected to the physical, all of these physical phases and cycles impact our subtle energy body. Often we are conditioned to view these as negative, but in fact we can discover great power in accessing the energy cycles linked to our physical cycles and phases. In general, our sacral chakra waxes and wanes with our menstruation cycle, and our entire subtle body with it. We become more fluid and absorbent closer to menstruation, which is actually a great time to engage in contemplation, meditation, and intuitive inquiry. Closer to ovulation our energy body emanates outward more, and our energy is more conducive to action and interaction. We can learn to work with these cycles, and to protect ourselves with better boundaries when feeling sensitive. Similar cycles exist for post-partum and perimenopause – both are times of great energetic transition that we can use as major personal transits – they are not just medical events. Some of the Chakra Empowerments are designed to help us work with these cycles.

Is your contribution especially due to the impact of the recent high number of cases of women’s sexual abuse and assault, which cause physical and mental health problems?

I have been working with sexual trauma survivors for over 15 years, but yes in the last few years there has been an increased interest in different modalities for addressing this, with more attention given to the issue. We have become aware of the great number of women who experience some form of sexual trauma or harassment in their lifetime, and these tools are a way of helping to address the impact of these on our energy body. Because our energy body intersects with our physical body and psyche, working with energy tools can contribute to both physical and mental healing. Of course everyone needs to find the combination of healing methods that works the best for them – it is not the same for everyone.

You clarify that your work complements psychotherapy or psychological counseling, as well as medical treatments. Do these elements contribute in an integrated way to achieve better results?

Yes, mind-body-spirit medicine means treating all three, and often multiple modalities working together can best do this. Everyone needs to find their own way, but we know that somatic methods are often the most effective for trauma in particular. Energy work of the type I do is somatic because we are feeling into energies as they express in the physical body too. This can be very helpful for addressing longstanding emotional patterns and working to change them. Often people will say to me ‘I have done a lot of talk therapy and this helped me understand how the patterns I have developed from my past. Now I need tools for changing them.’ And they find that chakra work is a powerful way of doing this.

What are the Chakra Empowerments? Is there a common concept in all of them?

The Chakra Empowerments that I present in this book are all based on a combination of visualization and emotional affirmation. I am very focused on helping people activate the feeling of the chakra energies in their most powerful form as an energetic sensation in their body. This kind of somatic work is the most helpful in daily life, for learning to access the energies you need in the moment. These Empowerments can be combined with other kinds of chakra work – breathe work, yoga, reiki, crystals, etc. But at their core they are meant to be tools that can be activated on the spot when needed to help change old patterns. They are also all specifically designed to address the limiting energetic patterns and blocks I most often see in women.

Is there a relationship between these Empowerments and states of consciousness?

Yes! States of consciousness are vibratory states of mind, body and spirit, and working energetically can definitely help us experience shifts. Each chakra in its most powerful expression is tied to high states of consciousness and emotional states too. So for example, when we first work with the navel, or third, chakra Empowerment (Navel Fire) we may be initially focused on magnifying emotions and feelings like confidence, determination, or on improving energetic boundaries. But ultimately this chakra is about feeing oneself as a conduit for power, hopefully used for good, and that is a state of consciousness. When working with the heart chakra Empowerment (Heart Star) we might be focused on healing blocks to love or patterns of feeling unworthy. With time we can begin to explore feelings of universal love, which is part of our spiritual awakening journey, and a very high state of consciousness.

Can it be said that there are chakras more specifically linked with the needs of women in terms of their vital function?

The sacral chakra plays a special role in the physical and mental health of women, and its state of health is reflected throughout our entire subtle body. Just as our hormones play a role in the health of many other parts of body besides our reproductive system, including our heart and brain, so our sacral chakra impacts virtually every part of our subtle body.

 What is the reason why you have chosen to work on a visual and emotional level, through affirmations and memories?

These methods are the most easily transmittable in book form, and are also available to us at any time. Part of what I want to help people do is learn how to access their chakras on the spot in their daily lives when they need a particular energy. We may not always be able to say a mantra aloud, or utilize a crystal or yoga posture, but we can always take a moment to visualize something in our mind’s eye and say an inner affirmation. A valuable part of working with the Chakra Empowerments as I have presented them in this book is that with time and practice we can get to this place where we utilize a ‘snapshot memory’ – we can instantaneously activate the energies of an Empowerment by flashing on the associated visual or affirmation. A large shift can occur in an instant this way.

Can you combine these exercises with other modalities of working with chakras?

Absolutely – mantras, crystals, breathe work, yoga, reiki – all of these are great complementary modalities. Some work more on the physical level, and others more on the esoteric. The Chakra Empowerments work primarily on the emotional/psyche level. All of these levels are connected, and a shift on one impacts other levels. Combining modalities can therefore be a powerful approach.

How can your method be understood with respect to various gender identities, as opposed to biological sex?

From my perspective, gender is a spectrum, and when I talk about the feminine or masculine energy bodies I am talking about the energetic equivalent of this spectrum. Individuals may identify anywhere on that spectrum. Or they may find that when working on emotional patterns they identify with tools for the feminine energy body, but when working on other issues they identify more with the masculine end of the spectrum. I feel anyone can choose to work with these tools, although I did develop the particular ones in this book primarily by working with individual who identify as women.

Finally, is this knowledge and practice, is it exclusive to women or do you also offer it to men?

I do work with men in my private practice, and do utilize many of these tools, and for others I have variations depending on their needs. As I mentioned, I often find that when working with men it is helpful at first to focus on energy body fluidity. In addition, focusing on feeling energies is often a necessary starting point as men are often conditioned away from noticing their emotions or feeling energies in their body. So often for men focusing on the flow of energies between chakras, and on somatic sensations of energy, are the necessary first steps, while for women I would often focus on strengthening boundaries and grounding. But to some extent it is individual. Men also of course need work on their sacral chakras, but this chakra functions slightly differently in them, so different tools are often helpful for this chakra in particular.

Equinox Guided Energy Work (Free mp3) – Turning Point

September 20, 2021

Equinox is on Wednesday, and energetically this represents a tipping or turning point, as we hit a balance between night and day, light and dark, and begin to head into the next season. It is a great time to do energy work reinforcing shifts you have been trying to make – a good time to seal the release of old patterns and obstructions, and affirm the new ones you are seeking to manifest. To help you with this, I’ve created a free guided energy work exercise that you can do for the couple of days going into Equinox, and for up to a week after. If you can only do it once, on Wednesday on the actual Equinox is great.

I’ve also posted my Fall workshop schedule, featuring the most popular energy work sessions I have developed. These include Energy Boundary and Lines work, Energy Work for Sexual Trauma, Perimenopause/Menopause Energy Work, Clearing for Persecution Karmas and Owning Your Spiritual Gifts, and Manifesting Through Your Chakras. These are spread out across the next 3 months between Equinox and Solstice, culminating in the Manifesting workshop in December, to help you prepare for the goals and intentions you wish to work with in 2022. I’ve laid it out this way so that you can choose from the preceding workshops based on your needs, setting yourself up to shift your vibration and manifest from an energetic level (where the action really is) I hope you’ll join me for one or more!

To get started on your energetic transformation, here is the Equinox guided work. To prep:

  • Select 1-3 challenging emotional patterns or inner or outer obstructions that you have been working to heal, release, or transform
  • Select 1-3 feelings or energies you would like to feel more of in the future – likely the counter to what you are working to release or transform
  • Decide upon a visual that represents a future state or goal you would like to embody

In this guided work we will:

  • Setup the energy work session, activating the most needed aspects of certain chakras
  • Release the obstructive or old patterns, and verbally affirm
  • Clear the subtle imprints of these with white light
  • Activate potential with rainbow light in the heart chakra
  • Embody the new emotions, patterns and vibrations, each with a color of light you select
  • Turn the Third Eye forward
  • Visualize your desired future state, and embody it vibrationally
  • Affirm, Embody, and Close

Wishing you a transformative and peaceful Equinox.

Chakra Affirmations for Trauma

April 26, 2021

Note: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and to highlight this I have included links at the end of this post to anti-sexual violence organizations and organizations offering support and healing services to survivors. Tomorrow night 4/27 I am conducting my introductory Energy Work for Sexual Trauma webinar with sliding scale available to survivors. Note that while not explicitly trauma-focused, I am also participating in an online summit that may be of interest – An Awakened Life.

As I’ve often written about here, working with the chakras can be a powerful addition to any trauma survivor’s healing process. The last year has brought forth many different forms of trauma, between Covid lockdowns and losses, racial injustice, political insurrection and more, and we are all grappling with the impact of one or more. For survivors of personal traumatic events, these collective traumas can intersect and become especially triggering. For that reason, although it’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I decided to offer a more general map of basic chakra affirmations as part of healing from and managing the impact of trauma. 

Last week I posted the image shown here on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and decided expanding upon it here might be helpful. Every chakras has so many different aspects, this is just a selection of what you might focus on as you work with the chakras and trauma. There are also many different chakra mappings, so in this post, as in most of my written work, I am using the 7 chakra model that is the most familiar to many. Also, in this approach I am focusing on empowering energies and aspects helpful to trauma healing, as opposed to focusing on the release of blocks, which is another helpful way to work. 

Here I am offering simple techniques for strengthening these energies through affirmations. While you say these, you can focus on the associated chakra area, and/or add a color visual if you like. Of course you can also work with the chakras in any of the others ways you already do (including from Chakra Empowerment for Women if you utilize those tools.)

Root: Safety In Body

Whether from an accident, assault, or abuse, trauma often impacts our relationship to our body, and can especially undermine our ability to feel safe within it. This can be as true for emotional trauma as physical, as we often feel our body ‘betrays’ us in its resulting anxiety. Strengthening and re-establishing both our sense of safety in the moment and overall relationship to our body is an important part of working with trauma. Explicit body work, yoga, and somatic techniques can be especially helpful in this regard but It’s very important to find a trauma-informed practitioner and one that you click with (see organization list below.) Strengthening here also enables self-care, as we are better able to ‘listen’ to and respond to our body’s needs. Simple root chakra affirmations along these lines are:

I am safe and present in this moment.

I am safe in my body right now.

I trust in my body’s ability to heal.

I appreciate and care for my body.


Sacral: Reclaim Pleasure

This is often a big area of healing for sexual trauma survivors in particular, but difficulty connecting to pleasure of any type is common for many trauma survivors beyond that. Pleasure can be anything from really enjoying a favorite food, to relaxing while viewing a beautiful sunset, to affectionate touch or sexual intimacy. It is very related to relationship to body, because we experience pleasure in our bodies. But it goes beyond relationship to body, because sometimes trauma causes a ‘lockout’ of pleasure on an emotional level, out of a sense of shame, and/or a fear of overwhelm. So working with gentle ways to reintroduce and welcome pleasure as a form of self-care can often be an important part of healing. This may be as simple as allowing yourself to enjoy a warm bath or fresh flowers to start. Some chakra affirmations to support this are:

Pleasure is safe and nurturing for me.

I welcome simple pleasures.

I enjoy [fill in] as an act of self-care.

I deserve to feel joy and pleasure.


Navel: Affirm Boundaries

There are so many variations on this one, but on a general level, trauma survivors experience a lack of agency over their lives and that can reflect as a feeling they don’t have the right or ability to claim or assert boundaries. For survivors of emotional and/or physical abuse, often that right has been explicitly imprinted onto to them through abusive language and treatment. Conditioning around taking responsibility for others, as well as having natural empathic tendencies, can contribute to a general state of taking on others’ energies and emotions – in some cases as a strategy (conscious or unconscious) to ‘stay safe.’ Affirming both the right and ability to claim boundaries, and ongoing work around this, can be such an important part of healing. This chakra is also linked to our sense of personal power and agency in our lives, and so in cases of abuse or assault that have undermined this, working to re-establish it is key too. Some chakra affirmations to support this:

I claim my right to assert boundaries.

I affirm my ability to assert boundaries.

I center in my own energy and emotions.

I am powerful.


Heart: Self-Nurture

Trauma survivors often feel there is something inexorably ‘wrong’ with them – deep feelings of unworthiness or undeserving are a frequent long-term impact of trauma. This is partly a result of blame-the-victim social messaging (very prevalent for sexual trauma but actually present in messaging around other forms of trauma too), but also magnified by our general lack of understanding of the reality of the ongoing physical and mental health struggles that often accompany trauma of all types. Although there is a growing awareness around this (and Covid has actually increased focus on mental health to some degree), there is a long way to go. The greatest impact of this on trauma survivors is often reflected as difficulty recognizing and acting on their own need for self-care and self-nurturing. Even finding small ways to self-nurture throughout the day can be so helpful – really taking a moment with that warm cup of your favorite tea, stopping and smelling some beautiful flowers, allowing yourself those moments to stretch, relax, or unwind. I prefer ‘self-nurture’ to ‘self-care’ these days, as I find that often ‘self-care’ is getting translated into exercise, nutrition, or meditation routines and/or spa visits. And while all of these can be wonderful acts of self-care, they can all also become new ‘shoulds’ that we introduce into our lives and feel like we have ‘failed’ when we don’t execute on. So focusing instead on little moments (and later building to routines) that actually feel nurturing in the moment, can be a great place to start. It’s related to the reclaiming of pleasure from the sacral, but has more of an explicit healing, self-loving energy to it. Some chakra affirmations to support this:

I care and nurture myself.

I deserve to care for myself.

I am worth it.

Caring and nurturing energy fills my being.


Throat – Speak Truth and Needs

As you can probably see by now, these begin to build on each other as we move upwards in the chakra structure, and in this case the speaking truth and needs to others is especially an extension of our ability to affirm our boundaries with others (navel), and to nurture ourselves (heart). Speaking truth can mean everything from telling others about our trauma when it feels helpful, to acknowledging feelings that are difficult for us in any situation. Closely related is our ability to speak up and say what we need in a situation in which we are uncomfortable, or in which we are feeling triggered and need support. Experimenting with this in small ways first is key – practice telling (even texting) just one trusted person in a moment of discomfort and build from there if this is a challenge area. Chakra affirmations that can help:

I am safe speaking my truth.

I speak my discomfort when feeling it.

I ask for what I need.

I accept help and support.


Third Eye – Self-Trust

We have many levels of knowing – if you are reading a post about chakras, you no doubt already are in touch with your subtle and intuitive senses to some degree. Trauma can often trap us in purely mental forms of knowing – caught in cycles of trying to ‘figure’ out why things happened, or predict in advance what might go wrong in order to stay safe (hypervigilance.) Connecting with our Third Eye is instead about tuning into a deeper level of non-conceptual knowing. Often our trust in this side of ourselves is undermined by traumatic events, as we wonder how we could have not foreseen or prevented what occurred. Relating to our intuition and insight abilities in a new way – not as the movie version of being psychic ‘prediction’ abilities but instead as a deeper connection to the unseen emotions and energies within us (including our chakras and spiritual forces) – is often key. It allows us to really acknowledge what is and isn’t working for us, what people do and do not support us, what environments we do and do not feel comfortable in, and more. Permitting ourselves to trust our own insights (without becoming lost in dissociative astral fantasies as an escape) is a supportive way of engaging in our Third Eye as part of trauma healing. Some chakra affirmations to support this are:

I trust my insights.

I honor my different types of knowing.

I center in my innate wisdom.

I safely embrace my intuition.


Crown – Hope

Often when it comes to the crown chakra, we talk about faith and belief, and certainly these are both key. Especially if you have a strong spiritual belief system, finding a way to draw upon that can be very helpful in trauma healing. But the truth is, trauma often undermines a survivors’ spiritual faith, and this can be hard to admit. As we begin to recognize the long term impact of trauma, it’s clear survivors’ often struggle with a sense things will never change or grow sustainably better – a healing fatigue often sets in. In this sense a grounded hope is often the most helpful energy we can pull in through our crown chakra – a feeling that things are and will continue to get better, bit by bit. A feeling that we are gaining new tools, new resources, new faith in ourselves (and new energy of all the types named above) to move forward. Hope is forward moving force, and often paves the way for greater self-belief and spiritual faith, in cases where these have been undermined. Chakra affirmations to support this include:

I welcome hope.

I am hopeful and inspired.

I have been moving, and can continue to move, forward.

I am resilient and allow myself hope.

If you are dealing with trauma in your own life, I wish you safety in your body, pleasure, strong boundaries, self-nurturing, the ability to speak truth and needs, self-trust and HOPE.

Organizations that offer anti-sexual violence advocacy work and/or practitioners listings for survivors:

The Breathe Network




Lunar New Year 2021 – Contemplations for the Year of the Feminine Metal Ox

February 10, 2021

The Year of the Female Metal Ox starts February 12th, 2021.

The lunar New Year is upon us, and we are saying good bye to the Year of the Masculine Metal Rat. If you are sorry to see it go, you are amongst the lucky few. This is my annual symbolic ‘riff’ on the lunar New Year symbolism – exploring the Year of the Feminine Metal Ox. Although in these posts I do offer a little of the traditional astrological reading for the associated animal sign each year, really they are meant to be a fun way of exploring the symbol beyond its traditional interpretation, by looking at how the animal is represented in cultures and tales. Which is to say, it’s not predictive so much as offering gentle contemplations you can consider as part of deciding what this year means for you.

Oxen were instrumental in the development of agricultural society worldwide, and still are crucial to many farmers around the world.

First and foremost, the Ox is NOT a bull. So the symbolism of Taurus, or Zeus as a bull, or any sacred bull stories from around the world that focus on masculine bull energy are not what is represented by this symbol (especially because this year we switch to a feminine or yin energy as well – more on that in a bit.) The word ‘Ox’ is most often used to refer to domesticated female or neutered male cows used in farming. And while the sight of yoked oxen may not be a very inspiring image to many of our modern minds, oxen were crucial all around the world for the development of agricultural society – one of the strongest forces that led to humans shifting from nomadic or hunter/gatherer cultures to settled agricultural communities. Therefore within eastern astrology they are associated with stability, hard work, diligence, loyalty and financial security. On the heels of 2020, I think this is a welcome energetic shift. These are the qualities said to pay off in an Ox year, so your first contemplation is: What do I want to accomplish or create this year, and what are the concrete, grounded steps I can realistically take? And how can I create routines and habits that empower my discipline and work ethic as  I do so?

Cows of all types are sacred in Hinduism. In Bangalore, oxen that are no longer able to farm are converted to ‘Gangireddu’ – decorated oxen that worshippers make offerings to.

Cows are sacred in Hinduism, and revered in many other cultures as well. They represent life, and are linked to the mother of all gods, Aditi. They are associated with nurturing, kindness, and creation. One of the big shifts occurring within this lunar new year is we are shifting from a masculine/yang year to a feminine/yin one, and yin energy is receptive and fluid. So balance the hard work with self care, and compassion for yourself and others. As you are working towards your goals be sure to allow for flow and change – allow the universe to bring in something new and unexpected and receive it as possibility, rather than obstructive. Ask yourself ‘In what ways have I been rigid, and how can I allow for more space and fluidity?’ It’s important not to become passive though (a danger of yin energy) – finding a balance is key.


Sometimes called Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Double Seven Festival celebrates the story of a loyal ox who helps his master and twin sons visit heaven to visit their deceased and much loved wife and mother.

The Ox is also known for its loyalty and sacrifice. This is depicted in a Chinese tale about a farmer who loses his beloved wife, and his loyal Ox tells him when he dies he can use his hide to travel to heaven to see her with their two young sons. This tale has come to be associated with romantic love, and the holiday some call Chinese Valentine’s Day. In terms of the Ox though, this is really about sacrifice and helping others. We have all had to sacrifice something in the last year for the sake of others, and we may be asked to do more. Can we do this with love? Can we focus on our role in the collective good over our individual needs? This is a part of the messaging this year for sure, and we will be asked to continue to find this balance.

A famous Zen Buddhist 10 picture series features a man gradually taming and befriending a wild ox, representing his taming of his own mind and desires as part of his enlightenment process.

The peacefulness of oxen are also a strong association in many cultures. In a Zen Buddhist series called 10 Oxen, a man tames a wild ox to become his faithful and helpful companion. The Ox in the story represents the taming of our own mind and emotions as part of the personal growth and awakening process. What aspects of yourself are you working to heal, empower, transform or awaken this year? What does it mean to tame and befriend rather than overpower and dominate? Can you work with yourself gently but firmly? What support do you need to do so?

Musk Oxen, found in some of the coldest climates of the world, are amongst the hardiest animals alive. This is actually a baby!

As I mentioned, oxen are not bulls, and don’t carry aggressive bull energy. Nevertheless they are associated with strength, resilience and endurance. We will likely still need plenty of these in 2021. So what are true strength, resilience  and endurance to you? How can you cultivate these more within yourself? Resilience became one of my favorite words in 2020. From a chakra perspective I like to associate resilience with a balance of the lower two chakras – the stability and sense of grounding and safety that comes from a strong root chakra, combined with the fluidity, adaptability, and creativity associated with the sacral. In many ways the combination of these two are mirrored in the symbolism of the year, because the Ox is considered an ‘earth’ animal in the Chinese zodiac, but we are in a Yin year. So another contemplation to consider is ‘how can I balance stability and fluidity, focused action with fluid space for adapting to change?’

The Ancient Egyptian goddess of Hathor was often represented as an ox with a sun crown, and associated with the sky, women, fertility, and love.

Returning to the Yin themes of this year, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of Hathor is an example of a goddess linked to a cow/ox, and is associated with the sky, women, fertility, and love. In various forms she was also associated with creativity and the arts (very sacral chakra.) Consider how you might bring more of this into your life as a balance to the hard work and diligence represented by the Ox. Could you use a new hobby, that is just for joy? Is there a creative spark you haven’t been tending? You can drawn on the shift from Yang to Yin this year to nurture this side of yourself.

A diagram representing the relationship of the 5 Chinese elements, which can be summarized as: Wood starts a Fire, Fire creates Earth, Earth holds Metal, Metal carries Water, Water feeds Wood. Fire melts Metal, Metal chops Wood, Wood separates the Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water puts out Fire.

While we are shifting from Yang to Yin this year, the element in the Chinese system is not changing – we are still in a Metal year. Metal represents firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength, and determination – some of the same qualities as Ox, though Metal is also said to have a ‘lesser Yin’ expression, as it does have the power to transform (for example in the element relationships listed in the caption above, fire melts metal, and through this forging metal can be adapted to serve many purposes.) This continued Metal aspect reinforces the importance of structure and routine in anything we are attempting to accomplish. Do you need to make changes to your life structure to support you more? What social structures do you want to play a part of transforming in 2021 (a big theme of 2020 that will continue this year)? This is a year for real structural, not superficial, change, both collectively and individually.


Paul Bunyan and his faithful Blue Ox Babe – featured in a popular U.S. midwestern lumberjack folktale. While the tale represents strength, considering the cost of the lumber industry over time, it perhaps also offers a warning about where the ‘rigid’ side of Ox energy can lead.

With relatives in Minnesota, one of the folk tales I grew up with is that of the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his equally giant blue ox Babe. Statues such as these used to populate the upper midwest, though many have now been removed due to the lumber industries’ devastating impact on forests and lands sacred to the native peoples of these areas. At his best Paul Bunyan and Babe represent hard work and honesty in the tales told of them – qualities mirroring that of the Ox in Chinese symbolism – but I think the toll of over-cutting and destruction of sacred native lands also provides a warning re: the Year of the Ox. Structure that becomes stubbornness or dominating rigidity, and hard work fueled by greed, take a heavy toll and do not bring forth the long term abundance that an Ox year is meant to build. So consider this in your contemplations too – ‘Am I working in integrity? Is what I’m seeking to create sustainable? Is it in alignment with a greater good?’

Wishing you peace, safety, light, health, and abundance in the Year of the Female Metal Ox.

I welcome your thoughts on and predictions for the Year of the Feminine Metal Ox in the comments, and wish you much peace, safety, light, health and abundance.

Energy Meditation to Support Social Change

January 17, 2021

mandalaAs many of us hold space for a peaceful transition in the U.S. this week, and honor Dr. Martin Luther King and his work Monday, I wanted to offer a chakra-based meditation for working within yourself with the energies struggling to shift at this time. This meditation works with your full energy ‘egg’, the oval surrounding you, encompassing the full 12-chakra system I work with (and as taught by Cyndi Dale in her books, many of which I have referenced here in the past.)

In this meditation, after centering in your heart, you will move down through the 10th chakra at the very bottom of your energy body, beneath your root chakra, using a root visual (like the roots of a tree) to represent your connection to all of your ancestors and the energies they carry. You will focus on ‘unknotting’ and releasing energies connected to the perpetuation of racism, patriarchy, inequity and bigotry, allowing the earth to take them for deconstruction and recycling. Then you will focus on bringing healing energy to any hurt experienced through these same energetic systems and imprints.

You will then move upward to the top of your energy egg, the 9th chakra, and receive a ‘download’ of new archetypes, light codes, or streams of light representing new ways of relating to these same issues, new consciousness within yourself, and healing.

After this you will move into your navel chakra, where we often hold the mental structures and sense of identity that reflects biases and/or wounds built upon the old templates. Here you will again ‘unknot’ and release, followed by healing. Finally you will move back up into your heart, rest in the light, and emanate this outward to the world.

This meditation may not resonate for everyone, and it certainly is not meant to be a replacement for action in the world related to social justice and transformation, but change unfolds on many levels, and for those looking to connect their actions in the world with personal energetic change, this is a powerful way to proceed. I hope you enjoy it. And a reminder that the next round of my Chakra Empowerment for Women course starts January 26th, so sign up now if you have been waiting. Feel free to send me any questions about the course, and I would love to have you in it.

Solstice & New Year’s Book Giveaway!

December 3, 2020

    • We are about to turn the page on a year few of us will be sad to see go. This is all the more reason to do so consciously, with a clear intention of what we are leaving behind, what we’ve gained and would like to bring with us, and what we aspire to gain in 2021. Solstice is always a powerful transit, and astrologers are very excited this year by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction ushering in a new era energy the same day. So for my annual Book giveaway, this is the requirement to enter: In the comments, list one thing you’d like to leave behind, one you’ve gained this year and would like to bring with you, and one you aspire to more of in 2021. These can be material, emotional, energetic, or spiritual, and you can explain them or not. For example:

Leaving Behind: Entitlement

Gained and Bringing Along: Interdependence

Aspiring To: Fearlessness

(Those are my three by the way, and I’ll explain them a bit below.) Every year at this time I give away books that I read during the year that meant something to me, and that are linked to the themes of this blog. It’s always hard to choose, and was especially so this year (and I have many books released this year I haven’t gotten to read yet, so hope to over the holiday break!) If you comment according to the guidelines above and enter your email (which will not display) by December 31st, you’ll be eligible to win one of the following five books:

I became a published author twice over this year, one of my own highlights (though marketing new books in a global pandemic was quite the experience) so of course I will be giving away a copy of each of my books, Chakra Empowerment for Women, and The Art and Science of Meditation. For all of the books I am giving away you can select whether you’d like a print or digital copy, and for these two if you choose print you can also decide whether you want it signed or not. You cannot select which book you’d like though, so if you have already purchased these (thank you if it’s one of my own!) you will simply have to trust that there is someone in your life meant to get the book you receive. I will put all names in a hat on January 1st, and draw 5 names, matching them to the books listed in the order they are listed here, and contact you by email for your format preference. Here are the other books:

Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress and Chronic Illness, by Cyndi Dale

I have given away many of Cyndi’s books over the years, as she remains a key influence on my own work, and this is one of my new favorites of hers. It covers a lot of scientific information on how trauma impacts the body and contributes to chronic disease, and then combines it with a complete set of tools for working with trauma energetically. This is info healers of all types – and those working to heal from trauma on their own – will appreciate.

Tara’s Enlightened Activity: An Oral Commentary on the Twenty-One Praises to Tara, by Khenchen Palden Sherab & Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal

Tara is the feminine emanation of compassion in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, and is linked to healing and dissolution of fear. As an energy worker I have long been a practitioner of Tara practices, and one of my pandemic activities was taking the 21 Tara course offered by Tara Mandala this summer and Fall. If you are new to Tara this book will introduce you to the various emanations represented in the 21 Tara mandala, each of which offers a different kind of divine feminine energy to come forth within us. 

Neon Soul, by Alexandra Elle

I love to offer a poetry book in this giveaway when I can, as through poetry so often we can express things otherwise elusive in words. I hadn’t encountered the work of Alexandra Elle before this year, but absolutely loved Neon Soul, as well as her great Instagram feed. She writes beautifully on healing, trauma, growth, spirit, self-love and more. 


So, again, to enter list 3 things in your comment: what you’d like to leave behind from 2020 in the New Year, what you’ve gained this year and want to take with you, and what you aspire to gain or increase in 2021. Back to my own, I chose to leave behind entitlement, as I’ve been probing deeply into the various privileges I have benefited from in my own life, and seek to release my own entitlement around them. I chose interdependence as my ‘gain’ for this year, as an increased awareness of how we all impact each other, and for myself specifically how to use this wisely and for the benefit of others, has been a deep opening. And in 2021 I aspire to fearlessness, in relation to my own growth, goals, expansion into the light, and in my ability to help others move into fearlessness as well. 

So please comment! And start your 2021 off right with a new book:-)

And to also help you start your year off right, consider signing up for the next round of my 3 Month Chakra Empowerment For Women Intensive. This is a course full of empowerments and information that will help you make the most of your 2021, heal, support your personal growth, develop boundaries, connect with your divine feminine, manifest energetically, and more. Early Bird Pricing offered for December only (live courses of this length and depth are often three or four times what I am charging, as I am committed to keeping these accessible.)

Self-Guided Energy Work Script: Release Untruths, Affirm Your Truths

October 20, 2020

Lisa is offering many free webinars this Fall and Winter, check her event calendar for details.

The value of energy work is often that it is non-lingual, and can help us work with our emotions and emotional patterns as energy and vibration, dropping away from our chattering minds. Energy techniques employ our senses through sound, visualization, touch and more. But words are powerful too, and right now is a particularly good time to work with words to clear imprints and self-beliefs that do not serve us and replace them with those that do. 

The following script is simple, and uses the chakras as a structure for releasing and replacing false self-beliefs or imprints along the following threads:

  • I’m not safe.
  • I’m not allowed (permitted.)
  • I don’t deserve (am not worthy.)
  • I’m bad (wrong, evil, heretic.)
  • I can’t trust (or believe.)

These are addressed in relation to primary themes of each chakra – body (root), emotions/sexuality/feminine energy (sacral), power (navel), love (heart), speech/expression (throat), intuition and being seen (third eye), and belief/spirit connection (crown.) These beliefs associated with each statement aren’t necessarily held in just one part of the body or energy body, but focusing on a particular chakra and body area, and attempting to see and feel the light and energy clearing in that area, is a powerful tool for shifting in this way. 

The source of these beliefs is not relevant for this work – it might be personal, linked to your family history, past trauma, ancestral patterns, or past lives. Or it might be imprinting from cultural forces such as patriarchy, white supremacy, cis-gender conditioning, religious conditioning or related forces that operate on our consciousness and energy body. Within this exercise don’t let your mind wander to the source or stories related to it – that is another type of work (good work, but it’s not this.)

To utilize this script, just settle into your body with a few breaths, and then do the entire UNTRUTHS script, imagining clearing one chakra/body area at a time, and then do the entire TRUTHS AFFIRMATION script, cultivating increased light in each area. Take your time. You can adapt the script as needed for yourself – in general bracketed phrases are suggestions for words you might choose from, and parenthetical phrases are words you might add. If you like working with color, you can use the rainbow chakra colors (which is the color I’ve highlighted in the title for each) or you can just use white/clear light – which is actually what I prefer for this kind of work.

Questions welcome in the comments. Happy clearing and embracing your truth.



Focus on tailbone and base of torso, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • I’m not safe in this body.
  • I’m not allowed control of this body (my body is not mine, or I’m not allowed to decide boundaries for my body).
  • I don’t deserve [pleasure, success, happiness – use word of your choice] in this body.
  • This body is [dirty, bad, wrong, etc.].
  • I can’t trust the sensations of this body.


Focus on pelvic bowl, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to express or experience my [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy – your choice.]
  • I’m not allowed to express or experience my [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy.]
  • I don’t deserve [sexual pleasure, joy, or feminine power.]
  • My [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy] is shameful, bad, or wrong.
  • I can’t trust my [emotions, sexuality or feminine energy.]


Focus on navel and solar plexus area, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to use or show my power.
  • I’m not allowed to have power.
  • I don’t deserve power.
  • Power is bad or evil.
  • I can’t trust myself having, using, or showing power.


Focus on chest, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to love or be loved.
  • I’m not allowed to love or be loved.
  • I don’t deserve to love or be loved.
  • My giving or receiving love is bad or wrong.
  • I can’t trust love.


Focus on neck and throat, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to speak (or speak my truth.)
  • I’m not allowed to speak (or speak my truth.)
  • I don’t deserve to speak (or speak my truth.)
  • Speaking my truth is bad or wrong (or what I have to say it bad or wrong.)
  • I can’t trust speech (my own or others.)


Focus on midpoint above brow and entire forehead, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to see (intuition) or be seen.
  • I’m not allowed to see/intuit or be seen.
  • I don’t deserve to see/intuit or be seen.
  • Seeing or being seen is wrong or bad.
  • I can’t trust my seeing/intuition.


Focus on top back part of head, visualize light clearing this area of dark matter as you speak.


  • It’s not safe to believe or align with spirit.
  • I’m not allowed to access spirit directly.
  • I don’t deserve to access spirit.
  • Spirit experienced directly is wrong or bad.
  • I can’t trust spirit.



See and feel light at tailbone/base of torso. 


  • I am safe in this body.
  • I control this body (and access to it).
  • I deserve [pleasure, success, happiness – use word of your choice] in this body.
  • This body is [joyful, healthy, strong, beautiful – your choice.]
  • I trust my body.


See and feel light in pelvic bowl.


  • It’s safe to express or experience my [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy – your choice.]
  • It’s my right to express or experience my [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy.]
  • I deserve [sexual pleasure, joy, or feminine power.]
  • My [sexuality, emotions, or feminine energy] are beautiful, joyful expressions of light.
  • I trust my [emotions, sexuality or feminine energy.]


See and feel light in navel and solar plexus area.


  • It’s safe to use or show my power.
  • Having and expressing power is my birthright.
  • I deserve power.
  • I use my power for good.
  • I trust my power and how I use it.


See and feel light in chest.


  • It’s safe for me to love and be loved (may want to add ‘by those worthy of me’ if you have patterns of relationships of any type in which you are not treated with care and respect.)
  • I choose to love and be loved (may add ‘by those worthy of me.’)
  • I deserve to love and be loved (may add ‘by those worthy of me.’)
  • My giving and receiving of love is beautiful and joyful for me and others.
  • I trust in love.


See and feel light in neck and throat. 


  • It’s safe for me to speak (or speak my truth.)
  • Expressing myself (and/or speaking my truth) is my birthright.
  • I deserve to speak (or speak my truth.)
  • Speaking my truth is an expression of light as it comes through me.
  • I trust and value speech (my own and others.)


See and feel light at midpoint above brow and entire forehead.


  • It’s safe to for me to see (use my intuition) or be seen.
  • Being seen in this world (and/or using my intuition) is my birthright.
  • I deserve to see/intuit or be seen.
  • Seeing and being seen is an expression of light as it comes through me.
  • I trust my seeing/intuition.


See and feel light on top back part of head.


  • It’s safe for me to believe or align with spirit.
  • Accessing spirit directly is my birthright.
  • I, and all beings, are worthy of spirit.
  • Direct experience of spirit is sacred, and light as it comes through me.
  • I trust spirit.


May you feel safe, free, deserving, sacred, and supported at every level of your being. 

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